What is the best WordPress hosting of the year in Spain?

If you are clear that you are going to use a CMS like WordPress, it is even clearer that you should hire a hosting plan optimized for it, since this will make things much easier for you, from having self-installers for this famous program to specific protection u load optimization.

The best WordPress hosting will be the one that takes all this into account and is able to load your page as quickly as possible while always keeping it safe.

At the time we already made a list with the best hosting in Spain , many of which are also the most recommended for WordPress, since it is the most used CMS today.We highlight (AZ)We highlight (ZA)See ↑See ↓

BusinessWe highlightWatch
Top RatedCoupon Webempresa 25% discount€ 59.25 € 79.00 / yearSEE COUPON
twoRaiola Networks Coupon – 20% Discount€ 63.35 / year € 79.19 / yearSEE COUPON
3Hostinet Coupon 20% Discount41.82 € 52.27SEE COUPON
4Discount coupon Tropical Server 20%€ 66.00 89.00 €SEE COUPON
5SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion€ 3.95 € 7.95 / monthVIEW DEAL
6Sered discount code – Promotion 2 Months Free (without obligation)Free € 35.40SEE COUPON

What is WordPress?

First of all, and in case you are starting your website and you are still not sure why you should choose this program for its creation, let’s go with the basics.

WordPress is a CMS that allows you to create and manage your website much easier and easier than if you did it directly by programming it from scratch. In fact, if you don’t have programming knowledge, it would be impossible for you to be able to create a web page from scratch, which you can do with WP.

To start with WordPress you just have to hire a hosting plan and install it. Don’t worry, as most hosting companies offer a one-click install option.

Once installed, you can always improve its appearance and functionalities thanks to the thousands of plugins and templates that exist, both free and paid, but that is another thing that you will have to learn little by little.

What you have to be clear about is that once you have WordPress installed, it allows you to add content very easily thanks to its “articles” and “pages” option, as if it were a Word document. You simply have to write and publish, since it is a very easy-to-use content manager that anyone can master in a very short time.

Does what I’m telling you sound good? Well, if you are going to start a web page, you already know that WordPress will be your perfect ally

What should have the best hosting for WordPress?

Today almost all good hosting companies offer optimized plans for WordPress. It is the most used CMS not only for blogs but to create any type of pages. So it would be absurd for them not to offer this service.

Any company that boasts of offering the best wordpress hosting must offer at least these services :

  • Special Anti-Hacking rules for WordPress and server protection: essential to have our site protected.
  • Daily backups : If it can be several copies a day better than better, you never know when you will need one.
  • Offer PHP 8 : The latest version of PHP ensures a better loading speed of your website, so it is essential that you update this option to one of its latest versions
  • Specialized support : Make sure there is someone who is an expert in this manager on the other side, since when the time comes it can be very useful and can help you optimize your site.
  • Good cache system : If they already offer you a good cache system of your own, you will have a lot of cattle.
  • Sufficient RAM memory : Very important so that the performance of your page is not affected.
  • SSD or NVMe disks : Capable of loading your content much faster than traditional and already obsolete HDDs.
  • Auto-installers : If you are new or do not know how to install WordPress from scratch, this will help you to have it installed on your hosting in a matter of seconds.
  • Staging : It is an option that allows you to edit your website in the background without spoiling the version that people are seeing online. Once you make the necessary changes and are happy with the result, you can publish those changes with a simple click.

Having seen this, below we show you the WordPress web hosting companies that we like the most:

Comparison of the best quality-price WordPress hosting

Below we list each of the hosting that we have recommended in the previous table.

1. Webempresa: Is it the best wordpress hosting in Spanish?

In Webempresa they are specialists in WordPress , what’s more, today they only offer web hosting for this CMS. Previously they had offered for Joomla and Prestashop but they decided to specialize only in WordPress for a long time and they have not done badly.

The Hosting Webempresa WordPress is one of the most recommended today. This company, despite serving customers since 1977, is today one of the most recognized. This is because it has managed to provide an exceptional service at very competitive prices, focusing solely and exclusively on the 3 types of hosting most demanded today by the ordinary user. If you are thinking of setting up a project in wordpress, be it a blog, your company’s website or even an online store under this program, it makes you feel that you choose webempresa as a provider, you will probably have the best wordpress hosting in Spanish that you can find nowadays.

There are many reasons that I could give you to choose this company, but I am going to mention the 3 most important from my point of view after migrating several of my projects to this site:

  1. Customer service: Yes, it is a cliché, in all the sites they tell you that customer service comes first … but it is true on this site. I have put them to the test several times and they have always responded quickly and solved me first. It is true that sometimes they have not solved it the first time, but they do not leave you lying and they answer you over and over again until they find the solution. Needless to say, it is important that the support is in Spanish and 24 hours a day. (Yes, I also wrote to them at 2 in the morning and there they were 🙂). The team that attends you is an expert in wordpress, that is, they are prepared for any problem with this program and so far there has been nothing that they have not been able to solve for me.
  2. Speed: Who doesn’t like their website to be as fast as possible? Well, with the SSD disks that host your website, this will be one of the biggest advantages you will get. The first web page that I migrated to webempresa improved its speed by 3 times, without touching anything, simply by changing its hosting. They also have in their superior plans, from the Professional plan, Magic Cache, a server-level cache system based on the Varnish accelerator that improves the speed of your website considerably.
  3. Security: Honestly, I have never paid too much attention to the issue of security on my sites. Thank God I only once had an attack on one of my sites and I was able to solve it, but all the security systems they put in their hostings are appreciated so that you do not have any kind of problem.

Special hosting plans for WordPress from Webempresa

When hiring your hosting, you can choose between 4 plans mainly. (There are more extensive ones but they are mainly focused on reseller hosting ).

  • Plan M: It is the most basic of all. You will have 5GB of storage on an SSD, 200GB of transfer and a free domain to register. Price: € 79 / year.
  • Pan L: It is the most used as its name indicates. With this plan you will have 10GB of storage, 600GB of transfer and also, a free domain to register. Price: € 149 / year
  • Professional: This plan is for people who already have a website and want to migrate it to a better server. If you already have a site with certain traffic, you can choose this plan that offers you: 20GB in SSD disk, 800GB of transfer and your free domain. Price: € 249 / year

These would be the plans equivalent to the rest of the plans that you can find in any other hosting company.

However, Webempresa goes further and also offers some Elastic plans, which are characterized by being much faster than that, at the cost of offering much less space. If you want your website to load very quickly, this plan is recommended without any doubt, but you will not be able to host many projects in the chosen plan since its size, as we say, is tighter.

* All plans include free SSL with Let’s Encrypt.

Remember that with our Webempresa Coupon you will have an additional 20% discount, so you will have very competitive prices.

2. Raiola Networks: The best alternative for WordPress

If for some reason you do not want to contract your plan with Webempresa and you are looking for valid alternatives, a good one is undoubtedly Raiola Networks , a hosting very similar to the previous one in terms of performance and price.

Their way of working is very similar to Webempresa.com and they offer optimized plans for this platform as well as daily backups and exquisite support. As an extra point in this sense, they offer in addition to customer service through tickets a phone number where they take great care of all your questions or problems, something that Webempresa, for example, does not have.

We also recommend this company if you are looking for a VPS optimized for WordPress . They are experts in this CMS, especially Alvaro Fontella, one of its CEOs, and they guarantee you the best configuration of the servers to develop a project using this program.

One of the advantages that Raiola has compared to its previous competitor is that, for example, it offers optimized hosting for other CMS, as well as making VPS, dedicated servers and everything you need to get your business ahead at your disposal.

3. Siteground: Highest quality WordPress at a higher price

Siteground is undoubtedly one of the best companies to host your website, not only in Spain but all over the world.

Its reputation is well known and that is why the price goes up a little more than the rest. The simplest plan, the StartUp is very cheap, especially the first year that can be hired for 50%, but as your website grows in visits and size you have to scale to a higher plan and the prices of the renewals are higher. Keep in mind that the StartUp plan is recommended for about 10,000 visits per month, something very easy to achieve as soon as your project is successful.

Likewise, this first cheap plan only allows you to host a single website, so if you plan to host more than one web page in your accommodation, you should opt for one of the superior WordPress options that it offers.

Still, due to the quality it offers, it is the best option you can choose if your budget allows it. Siteground offers many extras in its plans such as a special caching plugin for its users, automatic integration with the Cloud Fare CDN, Staging, ultra-fast PHP … Only these small details are already worth it.

4. Tropical Server: Hosting with NVMe disks

NVMe storage drives have proven to be very very fast. In fact, many say that they are the successors of the current SSDs and they seem to be. If you are looking for a hosting that offers this type of disk without a doubt Tropical Server is the recommended one.

We have tested it by hosting a WordPress store with Woocommerce and the truth is that the website flies with hundreds of products and variations in the catalog.

In addition to hosting for WordPress, they also offer Joomla, Prestashop and Moodle.

Their cheapest plan starts at € 89, but we can say that it is worth a try. Its NVMe drives make your website go really fast, but it not only highlights that feature, but also offers you:

  • cPanel + CloudLinux + Imunify360
  • Automatic updates
  • Specialized WordPress support
  • Backups every 2 hours!

That is, Tropical Server is undoubtedly a great ally to host your web project and not worry about everything related to security and maintenance, since its servers are very well protected and its frequent backup copies allow you to rescue a copy of your website whenever you need it.

5. Hostinet

Hostinet is a hosting company from Bilbao, perhaps less well known but we like to stand out for how well it works. They have a very good service, with really fast support and during all the time that we have tried it, it has never given us any problems.

Its simplest WordPress hosting plan has a price below € 5 and as we say, only this basic plan can be enough for many users, since it offers you enough space and a good transfer for many small and medium-sized projects.

If you decide to try Hostinet, know that they make the migration of your website completely free.

Their servers use LiteSpeed, which we really like, and the CPU allocated for the economy plan is 1vCore, which is very good for the price.

If you do not know Hostinet, we encourage you to try it for free for 30 days and you can see how it works for yourself.

6. Nicalia

A hosting company that is growing a lot in recent months is without any doubt Nicalia.

It is a company that offers several options to host your website, from shared WordPress hosting plans to virtual or dedicated servers.

Among the shared plans, the most powerful of this option stand out without any doubt, which, as we have seen, work really well.

If you are looking for a cheap hosting, you should opt for one of its SSD options, but if you want to get the most out of what Nicalia offers, then we recommend that you try one of its Elastics, so that you can enjoy the maximum performance that this company can offer you. offer.

The Elastic plans stand out for their large storage capacity (from 40GB to 160GB) and the CPU cores dedicated to each hosting (from 2.5 cores to 10).

They are also very generous in RAM, which ranges from 4GB of the Start plan to 16GB of the Ultimate plan.

All their servers are LiteSpeed ​​+ Cache and use Immunify360, offer daily backups and support 24 hours a day.

Their prices are not cheap, we are not going to fool ourselves, but the performance of these hosting is really superior to those considered “normal” from other companies.

Try Nicalia here for 30 days for free.

7. Sered

Sered is a very recognized hosting, especially in Spain, because it offers a good service at a very affordable price.

Many people who start a web project for the first time do so by hosting their sites on Sered, since it allows you to hire a WordPress hosting for very little money.

Best of all, you can start with an inexpensive plan and then, as you grow, you can scale it up to higher plans simply by opening a support ticket.

With Sered you can have your own hosting for less than € 3 a month with all this:

  • 6GB of space
  • 1GB of Ram
  • 50% of a CPU
  • 1TB transfer
  • 5 Databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • cPanel
  • PHP version selector
  • Spanish IP
  • Hosting a Website

As you can see, it is a very valid option to start developing your website for very little money.

Try Sered for less than € 3 per month

Final conclusion

There are many companies that claim to be the best WordPress hosting , but not all of them manage to offer a quality service. We assure you that by contracting with any of these you will have a quality service and excellent performance. In addition to all this, any of these companies is characterized by offering good service and support to its users, so you will sleep more peacefully.

That if, as in everything, the higher the budget, the better options you have to choose from. When you have more money to invest in your project, you will be able to opt for a higher quality hosting with a better performance.

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