The best Private Security Guards CDMX

The best private security guards

Choosing a private security company in Mexico, only for the cheapest price, is as serious a mistake as choosing the cheapest medicine for our health, even if it is only about placebos

Hiring the best private security in Mexico means that:

  • Require guards of private security reliable and professional
  • You need to control access to your home, company, work or factory
  • You need to monitor the entry and exit of goods
  • You need 24/7 staff to safeguard and protect your assets

RCM Seguridad Privada a professional and reliable company

Choosing the best private security guards

To choose the best company and the best private security guards in Mexico, you must:

  • Verify that the company has Certification by SSP (Secretariat of Public Security in Mexico )
  • Visit their facilities
  • Know the chain of command of the private security company in turn
  • Verify the services to which you are entitled as part of the intramural security services
  • Make sure you know the fleet of each private intramural security company
  • Know first-hand the physical appearance of security guards
  • Visit any of the clients where the company currently provides intramural private security services
  • Ask about personnel selection mechanisms and tools

Search for references on the internet

Some of the first actions you can take to find the best private security guards:

  • Search the Internet for references about the private security company that offers you its services
  • Go or call the SSP ( Public Security Secretariat ) and ask for references about the intramural security  company in question.

Make sure it is a certified company

  • Any private intramural security company can and must show the certificate that accredits it to provide private security services.
  • Here you can find the list of companies authorized to provide intramural private security services:
  • RCM Seguridad Privada has all the authorizations and certifications by said institution

Visits the facilities of the private security company

One of the most reliable ways to know the profile of a private security company is to visit its facilities.

When you arrive at the facilities of each of the private security companies ask yourself:

  • Do the facilities of this private security company look formal or improvised?
  • Are all guards of private security carry distinctive uniform security company police guy?
  • Is it evident that the private intramural security company has its own patrols ?
  • Is it a large or small company?
  • Are the offices of the private security company located in a conflict zone?
  • What kind of equipment is carried by guards from private security company?
  • Are the guards of private security   are well fed?
  • Are the services of private security intramural offering expensive or cheap are you?

Visiting the facilities of a private intramural security company is the best way to know if it is a professional company or a duckling

Know the chain of command of your private security company

The chain of command of a private intramural security company is made up of:

  • guards of private security intramural
  • supervisors
  • regional managers
  • company directors

It is important that you know first-hand the private security guards who will work with you on a day-to-day basis. But it is also important that you know your entire chain of command, which is the one that will listen to your suggestions and opinions regarding the service

Supervisors in a private security company in Mexico

They are the ones who exercise quality control in intramural private security services . The vast majority of the time they are the ones who listen to customer complaints, suggestions and compliments.

We suggest you make an appointment with them in the field, particularly observed the vehicle in which arrives, how wears his uniform, physical status, and the way in dealing with the guards of private security intramural . Is there a cordial and respectful environment?

Regional managers of private security companies

The regional managers of private security companies are those who control entire regions such as colonies, delegations or states.

From them you can see their knowledge of the variety and type of companies to which they provide intramural private security services. It is they who are generally in charge of the training tasks of intramural private security guards.

In Mexico, it is typical for regional managers of private intramural security companies to be experts in martial arts, personal defense or have experience in police forces.

Look at his resume, do not be impressed only by his technical preparation, look at his ability to transmit values ​​and assert his leadership in the intramural private security guards.

Directors of private security companies

The directors of the private intramural security companies in Mexico are the ones who imprint the definitive philosophy on the company.


  • Is it a manager who arrives early?
  • Do you make occasional tours in the supervision of private security services ?
  • Do you have the best private security training in Mexico and abroad?
  • How many years of experience do you have in the fields of private security in Mexico ?

The best services of private security in Mexico are distinguished for having the best staff administrative, the best body management and ultimately to count and train the best guards of private security

The difference between professional intramural private security companies and “ducklings” is that the best private security companies in Mexico offer additional or complementary quality services.

  • industrial safety advice
  • advice and civil protection services
  • self defense courses
  • sale and installation of security cameras and closed TV circuits
  • legal advice in case of contingency as well as insurance

The best private security companies in Mexico have patrols that comply with the traffic regulations and corresponding signage

The best private intramural security companies in Mexico are distinguished by new or used vehicles, well signposted and with a circulation turret.

Make sure the fleet of vehicles look and function like patrols.

A private security vehicle is a preventive and deterrent element

Physical presence of the best private security guards

One of the first things you should do when a private security company offers its services is to observe their private security guards .

The private security guards of the best companies, they look lined up, well fed and rested.

What good will an inexpensive private security guard help you if you don’t stay alert due to fatigue or malnutrition?

The best private security companies in Mexico use strict personnel selection mechanisms

  • Does the private security company apply trust tests?
  • Are anti-doping controls frequent in the selection of personnel?
  • ¿Home visits are made to candidates to train as guards of private security ?
  • Is there a department in charge of the selection of personnel and human resources within the private intramural security company ?

RCM Private Security , The best company of private security in Mexico !

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