The 5 best hosting companies in Spain

If you are thinking of starting a website or blog, you will have found, or will be about to find, that there are an infinity of hosting companies that offer a variety of services and at very different prices. But how do you choose between all those alternatives? How do you know which is the best hosting for your site?

It must be said, first of all, that this point is of vital importance for the success of your project. It is not a matter of choosing only the cheapest webhost service . There are a number of conditions to review.

Therefore, in this case, to prepare this list, we will take into account hosting companies that are not only in Spanish, but that their servers are located in Spain. We must also take into account that the web hosting service offers efficient technical support and, obviously, in Spanish.

Before going on to list some web hosting services , there is one last warning: if you want to have a well-made and successful site that can generate profits, do not choose free hosting . The truth is that you will only get a slow, generic and unattractive website. Once this has been clarified, we move on to what really matters: the three best Spanish hosting companies .


  • 1 Webempresa, a Spanish heavyweight
  • 2 Dinahosting, quality and commitment
  • 3 Hostgator, a widely used international option
  • 4 1 & 1IONOS, the unbeatable
  • 5 Hostinet, made in Bilbao
  • 6 Hostcupon, comparator of companies and discount coupons

Webempresa, a Spanish heavyweight

We have here one of the heavyweights of Spanish web hostings . Webempresa has been offering the best Spanish service for 21 years to host all kinds of sites . Why? Let’s see some of the services they offer:

  • First class technical support: one assumes that, by hiring a quality hosting company , there will be no problems. But problems always appear, it is inevitable. And at that moment, as we have been saying from the beginning, is when you want to have efficient support. And in that this web hosting service stands out . Professionals experienced in the sector will assist you 24 hours a day and in your language.
  • Protection against hackers: security is another brand of Webempresa. It should be noted that this hosting is especially intended for WordPress, Joomla! and Prestashop, platforms for which it offers personalized security rules, which no other hosting company provides . But it also supports PHP, Apache and MySQL scripts.
  • Native tools: you will find that moving your server page is extremely easy thanks to the Webmi tool they offer for web porting. They also have utilities for image optimization for Worpress and countless other great applications that will make managing your site simple and interesting.
  • Prices for all budgets: their rates range from € 79 a year to € 249. In all plans, you will have your site stored on an SSD hard drive, with the maximum data transfer speed and completely isolated from the rest of the web server accounts .

Dinahosting, quality and commitment

This hosting company is synonymous with quality and trust since in 2001 they began to offer hosting services, domains, VPS and Resellers. They have more than 140 thousand clients behind them and guarantee the international standards of  ICANN and Verisign  in domains,  Cisco, IBM or Dell  in hardware and many others such as  Microsoft ,  Xen and LPIC  for software.

The reason why they have become leaders in the sector in Galicia and Spain is the quality and customization of their services, as well as their prices adapted to all types of pockets.

In addition, at Dinahosting they are so convinced of the quality of their services that they offer you to try it for 15 days without any commitment, and completely free of charge!

  • Wide variety of Hosting plans: They have different hosting plans – they even allow you to combine Windows and Linux – in which they guarantee scalability, security and stability  for your projects. Each hosting plan at Dinahosting includes the necessary tools to ensure the reliability and performance of your website. Some of them are Panel dinahosting, free SSL, Selfservice Backups included, self-installing applications, mail and chat with webmail, varnish cache, SSD for the web, available PHP 7.3 and completely native technologies. And the best of all is the incredible customization they offer.You can hire their services per month or if you prefer to pay every 5 years!
  • Domains: At Dinahosting they offer you a wide variety of domains, from the classic ones like .org or .com to the most recent ones like .me or .tec . All of them in different themes such as geographical and travel or sports and leisure. In addition, the domain includes free exclusive control panel, full DNS management, complementary services, free applications and public API.
  • 4 VPS plans and 2 different modalities: This hosting company offers up to 4 highly differentiated VPS plans so that you can choose the one that best suits your project . Depending on what you are looking for, you will choose one or the other, however, all of them include unlimited transfer and free SSD disks, optimized network, real-time statistics and native platform. Within the modalities they offer that of administrator or non-administrator.
  • The best Reseller plan: Finally, at Dinahosting they have the best Reseller plan, whether you are already selling domains or are starting out in business for the first time. They also  offer full white label , one-click self-installing, and secure API access.

Hostgator, a widely used international option

This is another of the great exponents of web services . Hostgator already has a reputation and its track record supports it. It has been operating since 2002 and is one of the best hosting companies when it comes to looking for cheap and quality hosting . They offer three plans: Hatchling (€ 2.64 per month), Baby (€ 3.78 per month) and Business (€ 5.68 per month).

Basic services include:

  • Unlimited disk space .
  • Unlimited bandwidth .
  • CPanel as an administration tool (the best of its kind).
  • A trial period of 45 days and you will get your money back if you are not satisfied.
  • Unlimited email accounts .
  • Unlimited FTP accounts.

This hosting company also offers a whole toolkit for handling and processing, both HTML and PHP, which makes it highly efficient for sites based on WordPress, Joomla and other CMS. Its servers have powerful hardware that always ensures fast and efficient operation.

This is the cheapest option of the three that we have presented, and it is worth noting some small disadvantages that you may encounter in your experience with this hosting company:

  • Technical support: of the options shown above, this is the only one that does not offer official support in Spanish. You can get some alternatives or manage with English. Also, chat sometimes takes time for me to give you an answer.
  • No support for WordPress or Joomla! : If your site uses any of these CMS, you will not have official support. Although you can ask and they will even answer you as much as possible, but it will depend on the chance that you get an employee with knowledge about it.
  • Problems with the heat: in the summer times, the servers of this company tend to saturate and generate some problems. A detail to take into account if your website is a bit heavy or if you receive many daily visits.

1 & 1IONOS, the unbeatable

After the merger of 1 & 1 together with IONOS, they have built a huge portfolio of services and products that they make available to their clients as a Hosting company. At IONOS they offer Hostings through different plans with WordPress in an optimized version.

Essential, Business and Expert . Company that stands out for its unbeatable offer, Hosting for € 1 per month

They communicate their commitment to Hosting plans that depending on what preferences and objectives are, they recommend using one plan or another. Of course, other hosting companies do not have much to do with those prices.

Essential Plan (€ 1 for a year, € 7 per month per year), is perfect if you are just starting out. Ideal for small projects that are taken as trials. Although in the long run to be able to have a greater band, the implementation of other of their plans is recommended. For example, your Business plan (6 months € 1 per month. After the first six months € 11 per month).  Expert , (6 months € 1 per month. After 6 months € 15 per month) offer to manage and host a greater number of Websites and get a greater benefit from the various functions it offers. Each and every one of them have the following aspects in common:

  • Free domain: They make a domain available to their customers completely free of charge. Depending on the chosen plan, they will have access to a single domain, two and even five domains.
  • 24/7 assistance: Being able to have real professionals who manage to speed up and solve any incident that may take place.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer or secure connection layer): Data transfer between browsers and a web server. Decreasing the risk and the protocol for data protection.

Essentials include:

  • Managing a page in WordPress
  • 25 GB SSD storage
  • Two 1GB MySQL databases
  • Ten email accounts
  • A free domain

Business offers:

  • Management of two pages in WordPress 100 GB of SSD storage
  • Ten 1GB MySQL databases
  • Fifty email accounts
  • Two free domains

 Expert proposes:

  • Managing five pages in WordPress
  • 200 GB SSD storage
  • Fifty 1GB MySQL databases
  • Fifty email accounts
  • Five free domains
  • SiteLock Malware protection.

With all their plans, you have a 30-day trial period. With money back guarantee. The cancellation process is quite simple, they offer you the possibility of doing it from the control panel itself.

Payments for domains are not refunded. A fairly generalized aspect in all Hostings providers.

Hostinet, made in Bilbao

If your thing is to support small Spanish Hosting companies , then you should know something more about Hostinet . Hosting company located in Bilbao that despite having a small team, gradually has a greater number of clients.

We know how important your website is to you. Whether you are a company, or if it is a more personal blog and that you only use it to share experiences. The importance of both acquiring visibility , and that the visibility you obtain is what you seek and that your content is also enhanced to the maximum exponent.

Hostinet communicates directly and as soon as we enter their website, together with them you perceive a saving that ranges from 20% to 30%. Yes, instead of contracting and paying monthly, you proceed to contract your packages on an annual basis .

Benefits that hiring a Hosting through them can offer you;

  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • They offer the possibility / ease of being able to introduce content managers / applications, making the most of it.
  • They offer ultra-fast SSD Hosting despite being shared.
  • Permanence. In the event that you already have a Hosting and that you also have a permanence, they take charge of the management. They offer you six months of completely free accommodation.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are certain positive aspects that may motivate you. Trust a company like Hostinet, dedicated to Hosting from Bilbao. He has fifteen years of experience . At the same time, we find certain aspects, which perhaps should improve progressively in the future. They do not have variety in terms of FTP accounts, you will have to be careful since they do not have support available 24/7 .

What plans do you offer us?

They offer us the possibility and therefore adaptation to different types of Hostings; Linux, Linux SSD, CMS and Windows plans . In turn, they offer Web hosting plans with a data center in Spain. Their plans are from the basic one (from € 2.66 per month), to the acquisition of a Hosting Cloud Pro (From € 8.44 per month).

Hostcupon, comparator of companies and discount coupons

Lastly, we leave you the  Hostcupon website , which is not a hosting website itself, but rather a comparator of companies where you can also find discount coupons for practically any Spanish web hosting company. If you are thinking of buying a hosting for the first time, we recommend that you visit their website beforehand and take advantage of one of their discounts.

We hope you liked this post and it has been useful to you. Always remember that it is common for one to run into hosting problems after hiring a service. This is not always due to the webhost itself, but because you may have chosen an alternative that does not suit the needs of your page. That is why it is important that you choose very well.

If this article about hosting companies has helped you, do not forget to share it on your social networks. And remember that in Web de Marketing you can find more articles on this and other topics, such as web development or computer consulting , among others.

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