The 20 best hosting or web hosting services

Without a hosting you could not be reading this. This strong statement invites us to reflect on the importance of choosing the best possible hosting or web hosting service for your website. But let’s go by parts to clarify this assertion.

What is hosting or web hosting and what is it for

Hosting is a hosting service created to store content on a website . With this service you can, through a device connected to the internet, visit a web page at any time. There are companies that have their own hosting. They are usually medium or large companies that have very diversified businesses with several web pages and that are constantly launching campaigns and new products. These companies are interested in managing them from their own web hosts without having to depend on external hosting. Therefore, if our company does not meet these characteristics, we rent, through a hosting tool, a space within a server (software that makes it possible for a user to view a web page in their browser). This space must have theSufficient capacity to store all the files or data necessary for the proper functioning of a website. In this way, when a user types a domain or unique name of your page on the Internet, in the address bar of the browser, the server will transfer the files necessary to meet their request. Aspects to consider when choosing a hosting

List of the 20 best hostings on the market

Once you are clear about what a hosting is and what it is for, you are left with the task of choosing the most appropriate one for your company. Because not all web hosting is the same. There are multiple alternatives on the market today. Therefore, at, we want to help you with this list where you will find, according to our criteria, the 20 best hosting services so that you can choose the one you really need when hosting your website.

1. MrDomain

This hosting allows the user to create their own CMS (software to develop, administer and manage a website), totally personalized, with simple configuration and at no additional cost. DonDominio offers constant monitoring, 24/7, anti-hacking protection and they provide statistics quite regularly. Their price plans range from € 25 a year for the basic one to € 290 / year for the corporate one. Among other services, it includes a website builder that helps to design web pages, installation of web applications such as WordPress or Prestashop at the click of a button or a personalized email plan.

2. Digital Factory

Factoría Digital is a managed hosting for online stores and agencies. On their website they present themselves as experts in managing web hosting for Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce and WordPress. With an excellent loading speed, it is recommended for medium or large projects given its price, which ranges from € 5.75 / month for the single professional plan with 5 GB of space on SSD disks and € 15.75 / month for the professional with 20 GB of storage.

3. Axarnet

Another quality hosting proposal is Axarnet. Its main advantages include having servers with Spanish IP, which improves the positioning in search engines, the migration of mail and web to the server at no additional cost and the possibility of testing it for 3 months for free. Their plans range from € 3.19 / month to € 45.81 / month with servers in the cloud.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is a web host and domain registrar based in Los Angeles, California. This hosting ensures that your website will be fast and secure. Its main features are one-click CMS installer, custom control panels, and SSD solid state drives among others. Their pricing plans range from $ 4.95 / month to $ 12 / month including a WordPress optimized server.

5. GoDaddy

Among the various services offered by GoDaddy, a US company that has approximately 20 million customers, is web hosting. Its relatively expensive price if we compare it with other hostings, € 7.49 / month the standard and € 21.99 / month the superior. They justify it by claiming to be the number 1 hosting service in the world. We cannot assure that this is the case, but among the advantages that GoDaddy offers over other companies is not to limit the bandwidth, to be generous with the available web space and to have servers in various parts of the world.

6. Hostinger

Hostinger’s web hosting is presented on their site as “the ideal solution for beginners.” With the registration of its service, in all the plans, free SSL is included, which is very interesting if we consider that this tool improves the security and positioning of the website as it is a security standard that allows the transfer encrypted data between a browser and a web server. It also offers very competitive features with the lowest prices on the market, € 0.99 / month for 10 GB of storage for simple hosting and € 3.99 / month for business hosting that includes 100 GB.

7. OVHcloud

OVHcloud is much more than hosting. In addition to offering web hosting, this company is also dedicated to cloud computing and is a telecommunications service provider in France. They are defined as a “simple, multi-local, accessible, reversible and transparent smart cloud”. They are specialists in offering cloud hosting to companies that need to grow on a large scale. Among its advantages we highlight anti DDoS protection (attack to disable the server), unlimited traffic and free domain for one year. Among its payment plans we find the basic option for € 1.30 / month and the pro version for € 6.28 / month with 250 GB of storage.

8. Cdmon

This Spanish platform stands out for offering 100% hosting on Intel SSD NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) disks, a high-performance storage protocol that multiplies speed, greater disk capacity and CPU / RAM. It also includes SSL security certificates to protect your website and all its data. Cdmon is also a domain registrar and it is striking that hosting, mail, DNS and DNSSEC management is free, as long as a domain is purchased, but obviously this plan is very limited, it only offers 50 MB of space and no base of data. Their web hosting plans range between € 5 / month for the junior and € 50 / month for the preserver.

9. Hostalia

Hostalia is a Spanish hosting with servers in Alcobendas (Madrid). It is quite popular and offers a lot of web space with no traffic limit at reasonable prices. They include in all their plans at least one free domain and unlike most hosting services that offer hosting on Linux, in Hostalia you can decide if you want Windows and also choose the programming language. Its Standard Hosting offers you a 3-month free trial and then at € 3.99 / month with 800 MB of storage and the one with the largest capacity called Hosting Unlimited Pro also with a 3-month trial for € 12.99 per month.

10. Dinahosting

This veteran hosting company, in service since 2001, offers servers in Interxion (the interconnection node of the main companies worldwide), the Varnish tool (a cache system that increases the performance of your website by improving load times and speeding up the server) and refund of amount in case of server crash. Its basic hosting plan offers 50 GB of space at € 2.25 per month during the first year if you contract annually, then at € 4.50 / month and its Multihosting plan that allows 5 hostings with independent panels, with 100 GB of space for € 11.25 / month with annual contract also the first year and the following for € 22.50 / month.

11. Arsys

Arsys is not only shared hosting, you can also find in its catalog other services such as domain management, backup or backup copy of mail and digital marketing agency among others. In its web hosting line of business, it has an application installer that allows you to have your favorite content manager comfortably, just at the click of a button. Another advantage of Arsys is that its data center is in Spain, so you will have a Spanish IP address. Their plans range from the basic one with 10 GB of storage for € 3 / month the first year and the higher one, with unlimited space at € 5 / month also for 1 year.

12. HostGator

On the HostGator hosting website, they state that they offer “tons of website hosting options, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and one-year free domain.” The most remarkable thing about this web hosting is that it has a free website builder with a wide variety of designs also for mobile devices and website migrations are free, the same as domain transfers. Its basic plan costs $ 2.75 / month and the most expensive $ 5.25 / month.

13. Ionos

Maybe you have heard of this hosting, Ionos by 1 & 1. For a time they were advertised on television. The consulting firm Sotto Tempo Advertising awarded him, in the hosting modality, the Chosen Customer Service award in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. And actually this service is very good. As for its characteristics, it stands out for being one of the most competitive rates on the market and the RAM it offers in all its plans is quite good. Regarding your contract plans, note that in all of them during the first 6 months the cost is € 1 (VAT excl.) Per month. Later the Essential plan with 50 GB of storage for € 3 (VAT excl.) And the Premium plan with 500 GB for € 15 per month also without VAT.

14. Hostinet

Hostinet has three web hosting plans. This hosting offers quality at reasonable prices. Both the speed they offer and the fact that their servers are in Spain are two outstanding elements in their favor. The rest of services such as 24/7 attention and support, automated backups, free domains, etc. It also offers them, but like most of the hostings currently on the market. You can hire Hostinet from € 3.07 / month the basic plan with 1 GB of disk space or the Hosting Cloud Pro superior plan for € 9.72 / month with no space limit.

15. Nominalia

We highlight in Nominalia hosting, among other features, that all plans are free of monthly data transfers, it allows free SSL encryption and its panel is very easy to use, so much so that it is considered a standard in the hosting universe. On the other hand, their servers are in England and therefore the web positioning can suffer a lot. They have 6 different pricing plans depending on whether you want it to work specifically with Windows, Linux, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla! or the Reseller option for € 19.95 per month + VAT.

16. ProfessionalHosting

ProfessionalHosting is a specialized ecommerce hosting service with specific plans for WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla among other platforms. Therefore, he is also an expert in these CMS. It offers free migration, its servers are in Spain and you have special plans for radio and TV. Its wide variety of products with different prices offer you the possibility to choose the one that really suits your needs with prices from € 4.99 / month to € 18.99 / month.

17. Sered

Another Spanish option is Sered web hosting. This tool offers an acceptable value for money. They have specific hosting for WordPress, Magento and PrestaShop as well as SEO and SSD hosting. Another of its notable characteristics is that its servers are distributed between Madrid and Barcelona and offer telephone support. With 6 types of plans you can hire the hosting with SSD disk storage for € 2.95 per month or the ideal SEO hosting for positioning for € 8.05 / month.

18. Raiola Networks

Raiola Networks defines itself as a hosting “fast, stable, simple and with a support that goes one step further. We are addicted to good hosting ”. It has not stopped growing since 2014 and some famous Spanish bloggers trust its hosting services. They offer free migration of up to 10 websites and as many email accounts, their speed data is very good and their availability is around 100%. You will also find hundreds of tutorials to help you improve your websites. Your SSD hosting with 24/7 support you can have it for € 5.95 / month with 5 GB of storage or for € 11.95 / month with 30 GB.

19. SiteGround

The hosting solution offered by the SiteGround company has not stopped developing and expanding since its birth in 2004, currently it has more than 2,000,000 hosted domains. It is an easy-to-use web host, with above-average speeds, with excellent availability figures, and you can choose from servers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. It offers options that other hosts do not have, such as their own caching or GIT repositories. It has several plans, highlighting the StartUp with 10 GB of web space for a special price of € 5.99 / month VAT excl. or the GoGeek for € 13.99 / month also price without VAT.

20. Webempresa

And to finish this list, we talk about the hosting of this Spanish company. It began its journey more than 20 years ago and stands out for its excellent customer service, its server availability comparable to the best hostings and with remarkable speed. It has special security measures and backups every 4 hours. It also allows free optimization of images to improve web positioning in Google. It has 3 types of plans, the M, the L and the XL, from € 79 a year with 5 GB of storage to € 249 / year and you have 20 GB.

From we hope that this article has been useful if you are looking for a hosting for your company’s website. We know that the offer of web hosting is very wide and the services offered by the different companies are very varied. Therefore, if you need additional information, at we will be happy to help you.

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