Extenda insists on the opportunity of new African markets for Andalusian companies, which increased their sales by 25% in the first semester

Andalusia exported 1,277 million euros to the African continent in the first semester of 2021, which represents an increase of 25% compared to the same period of the previous year, according to data from Extenda-Andalusia Exportation and Foreign Investment. These figures reflect the increased interest of Andalusian firms towards African markets, as well as a clear sign of recovery as they approach the data collected in the first half of 2019, the period prior to the pandemic, when 1,347 million were reached. euros, only 5% more.

Thus, community sales have positioned Andalusia as the second largest exporter of Spain to African countries in the first half of 2021, with 14.1% of the national total, of 9,035 million euros; found in Cádiz, with 33% of the Andalusian total exported; Huelva, with 26.8%; Córdoba, with 14.3%; and Seville, with 10%; its greatest boost in these markets, mostly developing, which allow the diversification of Andalusian sales abroad.

To facilitate this work, Extenda provides services to Andalusian companies in nine African markets through its Foreign Network, with an office in Morocco; and eight antennas, in Angola, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa. So far this year, Extenda has held a total of 52 actions in the African markets, which have generated a total of 413 participations of Andalusian companies in the different commercial actions, highlighting important direct missions to Uganda, Guinea, Senegal, Mali or Ghana.

The CEO of Extenda, Arturo Bernal, has highlighted “the work of Andalusian firms that are betting on the African markets that they require despite the difficulties of implementation of an unprecedented market for many of them, and that, as a result, they are receiving an increase in sales abroad, thanks to the benefits of diversifying sales, in line with what is stipulated in the market diversification objective contemplated in the new Internationalization Strategy 21-27 ”. 

“In this way, Extenda is reinforcing its action to promote and support the commercialization of Andalusian companies in Africa, with fifty actions carried out in the first semester and new activities for the remainder of the year, tailored to the opportunities of business that we detect in these markets through our business intelligence area, such as direct missions for the agri-food and automotive sectors in Morocco, or multi-sector missions for Angola and South Africa; such as the last one held in Ghana, where we identified opportunities for Andalusian companies in projects such as the Ghanaian logistics hub, destined to supply the countries of the region, or the financial center of Accra ”, explained Bernal.

In the first half of 2021, exports have grown to six of the top ten destination markets for Andalusian sales to Africa, with significant growth in Togo, the sixth market, which multiplies its sales by 19 with an increase of 1,890%; and in Nigeria, the third market, almost quadrupled its sales by growing 288%. 

By products, in African countries fuels and mineral oils stand out, with 469 million euros and 38% of the total; copper and its manufactures, 235 million and 18.4%; and plastic and its manufactures, with 58 million and 4.6%; all of them registering double-digit growth. 

Extenda programming on the African continent

Until August 2021, Extenda has held a total of 52 actions in the African markets, which have generated a total of 413 participations by Andalusian companies in the different fairs, direct missions, scheduled individual projects and seminars, among other activities. In turn, and for the remainder of the year, Extenda’s programming includes more than twenty actions that are destined for the African continent, among which are important direct missions for all sectors in line with the business opportunities detected, as well as high interest fairs.

In Africa, there are several direct multi-sector missions held to Uganda, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, or the most recent to Ghana, as well as those scheduled for these months of 2021 in Morocco, focused on the agri-food sector or the automotive sector , as well as those programmed for Algeria, Ethiopia, South Africa or for Angola. They also highlight the participation in the Africa Energy Forum fairs, in London, but dedicated to the continent; o Aerospace Meetings Casablanca.

Diversified and expanding destinations

Andalusia’s sales on the African continent are mostly concentrated in Morocco, the first African market for Andalusian exports in Africa, which registered 780 million euros in the first half of 2021, with 61% of the total and a growth of the 38% compared to the same period of the previous year. At the same time, growth was recorded in another five of the top ten markets. 

The second African market for Andalusia is Egypt, with 118 million euros in the first half of 2021, 9.3% of the total, which registers an increase of 66% compared to the same period of the previous year. In third place is Nigeria, with 93 million euros, 7.3%, the second fastest growing destination in the  Top10 , rising by 288%, almost quadrupling its numbers; followed by Algeria, with 72 million and 5.6%, which decreased by 24.7% and South Africa, with 64 million and 5%, with a rise of 26%.

In sixth place, Togo is positioned, with 21 million and 1.7%, which multiplies its sales by 19 with an increase of 1,890%, the highest increase in the  Top10 ; followed by Tunisia, with 18 million and 1.4%, with a decrease of 70%; and Senegal, with 16 million and 1.3%, which decreased by 60%. They close the  Top10 Ivory Coast, in ninth place, with 15 million and 1.2%, with a growth of 2.4%; and Equatorial Guinea, with 7.6 million and 0.6%, which decreased by 14%. 

Cádiz, leads; and Huelva, the one that grows the most

The Andalusian provinces that most exported to Africa in the first half of 2021 were, firstly, Cádiz, with 417 million euros and 33% of the total, which decreased slightly by 1.6%; followed by Huelva, with 343 million and 26.8%, with the highest provincial growth, which almost doubled its sales by growing 90%; and Córdoba, with 183 million and 14.3%, a growth of 46.5%.

They are followed by Seville, with 127 million and 10%, which decreased by 5.3%; Almería, with 80 million and 6.3%, which rises 14.2%; Malaga, with 54 million and 4.2%, with the second highest growth, which grew by 59%; Jaén, with 45 million and 3.6%, which grew 1.2%; and, in last place, Granada, with 27 million and 2.2%, which increased its sales by 29.1%.

Industrial products and olive oil on the rise

Mineral fuels and oils are positioned as the most exported chapter to African countries in the first half of 2021, reaching 469 million euros and 37% of the total, with a growth of 48% compared to the same period of the previous year. It is followed by the chapter of copper and its manufactures, with 235 million and 18.4%, with the second highest growth in the Top10, growing by 69%; and the chapter on plastic and its manufactures, with 58 million and 4.6%, an increase of 14.5%. 

In fourth place, machines and mechanical devices appear, with 46 million and 3.6%, with a decrease of 4%; followed by iron and steel foundry, with 31 million and 2.5%, which fell 27%; of electrical machines and appliances, with 25 million and 9%, which grew 40%; and cements, gypsum and sulfur, with 23 million and 1.8%, which is up 43%. At the end of the  Top10 , the chapter of various products of the chemical industry appears, also with 19 million and 1.5%, with the highest growth of the first ten chapters, of 85%; followed by iron and steel manufactures, with 18 million and 1.4%, which grew 19%; and, in tenth place, olive oil, with 17 million and 1.3%, which grew 40%.

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