Comparison of the Best Hosting in Spain

At we offer you the best offers and discount coupons for hosting , but also, we want to advise you and help you choose the best hosting in Spain in this case, so that if your target audience is here, you always know which one is the best and for what.

The truth is that for a few years we have been fortunate to have very good companies in Spanish, something that a few years ago was really difficult to find.

Now, thanks to competition, it is easy to find hosting companies in Spain that offer quality at a very competitive price.

To help you in your choice, below we show you which, in our experience, are the best options today in our country:

Comparison of the best hosting companies in Spain

1. Webempresa

In the first place, a company that serves all Spanish-speaking countries, but without a doubt it is in Spain where its work has been most recognized.

It is true that over time companies have emerged that have been at their level in terms of quality and price, but we can say that Webempresa was one of the first options to offer good hosting at a competitive price.

Its Elastic hosting, one of the options it offers today and which for a long time was its only option, offers benefits above most, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of security. We have projects hosted there for years and have never suffered an “infection”, while other similar projects in other hosting have.

With the passage of time, and in response to the demand from customers who required more space but did not require such high performance, they launched the normal WordPress hosting plans. These plans are cheaper, offer more space and are similar to those you can find in other competing companies.

On the other hand, another of his great assets has always been the support. Before it was difficult to have a support in Spain that would attend you quickly and in your language. Webempresa was one of the pioneers in offering it, a fast support, in your language, and that it really helped you.

Among its qualities we would highlight the following:

  • Backups every 4 hours
  • Fast and attentive Spanish support
  • Hosting with a very good performance (elastic hosting)
  • Very good anti-hacking rules that protect your website
  • Magic Cache service that increases the speed of your website

As a negative point, mention that they focus all their customer service on tickets, without offering a contact phone number. They claim to be able to offer a better and faster service, without saturating the support with the telephone.

Remember that we recommend Webempresa as the best WordPress hosting , since they are specialized solely and exclusively in this CMS.

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2. Raiola Networks

Second we would like to name Raiola Networks. And we do not put it in second place because it is worse, but simply because it arose after Webempresa following in its footsteps and managing to offer a service of very similar quality and price , placing special emphasis on support, its great asset.

An advantage of Raiola Networks over Webempresa is that Raiola offers, in addition to shared hosting plans, other options that many may need such as Virtual Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers or SEO hosting plans , for example.

While some have focused on offering a single option, Raiola Networks continues to offer options for all tastes, which is very good.

When Alvaro Fontella and Martín Gomez decided to set up Raiola Networks, I doubt very much that they expected to be as successful as they have been. Based on work and know-how, they have managed to create one of the hosting companies in Spain that has grown the most in recent years and that has the best opinions and comments from their customers. So it will be for something, right?

From Raiola Networks we would like to highlight:

  • Options to choose between shared, VPS or dedicated hosting
  • Outstanding Customer Support (Real Support)
  • Good anti hacking protection
  • Very good quality / price ratio plans

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3. Sered

Sered occupies our third position for offering a hosting service, perhaps not as good as the other two, but with an unbeatable price, enough for many users looking for a more adjusted value for money.

It is true that it offers more powerful plans at the level of Webempresa or Raiola Networks, but the ones that stand out above all are its simpler shared plans, which allow anyone to start a web project with a very low initial investment.

For € 2.95 you can have your own hosting plan and start a serious project. If your website grows, you will have time to scale the plan to a higher one within Sered itself or migrate it to another hosting company.

Highlights from Sered:

  • Very cheap hosting
  • Very good performance for the price it has
  • Spanish and quality support
  • Possibility of hiring SEO hosting with different IPs

Sered we recommend it as the best cheap hosting .

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4. Tropical Server

A company that is not very well known but that we love is undoubtedly Tropical Server. Its features are very very good , and we have been surprised from the beginning by the performance offered by its WordPress plans.

They are a small company and as we say, not yet well known by many people, but it is worth paying attention and an opportunity.

You can try any of their plans for 30 days for free and decide if you finally stay with them or not, although we already anticipate that you most likely will.

To highlight in Tropical Server:

  • NVMe drives (up to 6x faster than SSDs)
  • Free CDN
  • 1 years of backups at your disposal
  • Copies every 2 hours
  • Imunify360 included
  • 30 day free trial
  • Free Divi Editor included

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5. Siteground

Who does not know Siteground? As soon as you have looked for information about hosting companies, you will have always come across this international company, which for a few years has provided hosting services in Spain in our own language.

Many people used Siteground as a provider even before they settled in our country, and this company is one of the most recognized worldwide for its excellent hosting service and support offered.

Sitegroun occupies our 4th position not because it is a worse hosting than the previous ones, far from it, but because its price is higher than the rest.

If Siteground is more expensive, then is it worth it? Well, it all depends on what you are looking for in your hosting and what you are willing to pay, since indeed its official price (here you have a promotion) is higher than its competition, but the services offered are equally superior in many cases.

Among the extras of Siteground we would highlight:

  • Unmetered traffic
  • One-click included Cloudfare CDN
  • Ultrafast PHP
  • Staging Service
  • SG Optimizer plugin to optimize performance
  • Supercacher to optimize cache
  • Self-manageable backups

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6. Nicalia

Nicalia is a less known Spanish hosting company, but thanks to the quality of its service and good customer service, a very important gap is opening up in this competitive world of hosting in our country.

Starting from scratch is not easy and Nicalia could say that she has succeeded. Antonio Mateo, its CEO, has done a great commercial work by making the company known and offering support to its clients when it has been necessary. That the CEO of the company helps you to solve a problem is not very common, whether it is the world of hosting or something else.

But Nicalia lives not only in support and attention, its services are equally good and it offers some very interesting plans with a very good performance.

To highlight, as with Webempresa, its elastic hosting plans, where the characteristics of its plans are brutal, that if, not suitable for all budgets. These plans have benefits (RAM memory, web space, transfer …) far above normal.

Their hosting plans are characterized by:

  • cPanel in all your plans
  • LiteSpeed ​​+ cache
  • Imunify360 for security
  • High-quality elastic hosting
  • Wide variety of plans and options

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What is the best hosting for you?

As you can see, the options are many and varied . You have high-quality companies with higher prices or hosting providers that renounce certain features that are not so necessary for everyone but that allow them to adjust the price more.

Deciding on one of the options will always depend on the benefits you are looking for for your website and the money you are willing to pay for it.

Webempresa and Raiola Networks seem to us the best option (their high performance plans) since they offer very balanced plans at a very competitive price.

If you are looking for the best option without skimping on expenses, then the superior plans of Siteground or one of the elastic hosting of Nicalia are undoubtedly very interesting options, but you have to be willing to pay what they are worth.

Finally, if you want to start from scratch and want to spend as little as possible, Sered is without any doubt your best option to host a website.

What is the best hosting in Spain for you?

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