Best Braun razors

The shavers Braun are considered the best shavers . This is due to its high level of manufacturing and innovative features and functionality. They stand out among other things for being powerful and their attractive design , which leads them to have a lot of demand in the market.

If you want to buy a razor from the Braun brand , we help you choose the best one for you based on your needs. This is why we show you a list of the best shavers that the incredible German company has designed.

Comparison of the best Braun shavers of 2021

OUR FAVORITE Series 9 9296 Wet & Dry BEST SELLER

Series 9 9290 cc CHEAPER

Series 5 5030s

Series 7 7840 s

Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Which Braun razor to choose?

1. Series 9 9296 Wet & Dry

This razor contains everything a man has been looking for since ancient times. Inside this machine we can see the excellence with which it was built, in turn showing the quality of its material . It has accessories that complement each other, making every gentleman who acquires this artifact feel satisfied with the investment made.

The Braun Series 9 shaver is a totally efficient equipment and its touch with the skin is soft. The cutting elements are synchronized in a well-structured way, which makes it catch more hair in a single stroke, a task that very few shavers perform and not even seen in conventional shavers.

It has a precision trimmer, which allows shaving the sideburns and in turn giving it the shape that the man wants. And if that were not enough, it contains a travel bag, which will allow you to take it anywhere, keeping it protected from accidents. Within the design, the technology with which the sheets were manufactured are observed, which are made of titanium and stainless steel. SEE OFFERS OF THIS PRODUCTPros

  • It keeps the skin protected from discomfort and irritation, thanks to its sheets made of the best material.
  • Indicates the battery level by means of an LED display.
  • The quality and excellence of the motor, allows to determine the thickness of the beard.
  • The battery life is approximately one hour.


  • So far, it has no negative comments. It is considered one of the best of this line.


The Braun Series 9 shaver is a powerful equipment, which has a very high performance. It is designed for men who love technology and who like a precise and effective shave. It has excellent systems that will make you ready to go out looking very elegant and attractive in a few minutes.Buyers Reviews

It is a very comfortable machine to handle, when it is placed on the face it gives us the pleasant sensation of a perfect shave, which is why it makes it a shaver in which it is worth investing. When you start using this equipment, the results obtained will be fantastic; just a few passes will save you more time and even money.

2. Series 9 9290 cc

This fantastic shaver, belonging to the Braun Series 9 , is one of the most requested models this year. Which stands out for offering equipment that provides a very precise and delicate shave, regardless of how sensitive the skin type is.

It incorporates the latest in German technology in its blades, which are designed to provide the best possible shave, either on a dry or wet surface. It is a device that resists water, with an autonomy of use of 50 minutes, which is enough to shave without having to charge the device at all times.

It is an excellent option if you are looking for a shaver to use throughout the week, since it will save a lot of time by not needing any cleaning, this is thanks to the fact that its base has a system that when placing the shaver removes hair residue that are on the leaflets and that can remain in it. SEE OFFERS OF THIS PRODUCTPros

  • Its LED display is very useful, especially to indicate when there is a low battery level.
  • It is waterproof and supports a depth of 5 meters.
  • Its design is ideal for hard-to-reach areas.
  • The cleaning center is an innovative technology, which will save time.
  • Made with German warranty, which guarantees 7 years of duration.


  • This model can be a bit noisy for many users, when it is in operation.


It is an ideal machine for those people, whose facial hair grows very fast and who must shave daily, since it will not cause any irritation no matter how much use it is given. Many models currently do not allow shaving to be daily, as this is to avoid problems such as skin irritation. That is why this model is an excellent investment, since being manufactured by a world leading company that will guarantee its duration for many years.Buyers Reviews

What stands out the most about this fantastic model is that it is a shaver that is specially designed to treat sensitive and fine skin, without creating cuts and irritations. Its surface is manufactured to reach difficult points on the face. In general, it is a very complete shaver that can be obtained at a very good price.

3. Series 5 5030s

It is one of the most classic models that can be found in the market, but it is still one of the preferred by users. The design of all the shavers found in this series is a robust handle, with laminated blades that are made of the best steel, which will leave an impeccable finish in any area that is used.

It does not require that too much pressure be applied to the skin when using it, because its blades are placed in a flexible head, which is capable of moving in up to 8 directions , in a way that will significantly reduce any type of irritation or scraping on the skin. skin. This model has double blade technology, manufactured for skin prone to redness, considerably reducing this occurrence.

This shaver includes an extension with a trimmer that will provide great precision , if you want to remove the contour of the mustache or sideburns. This makes it an ideal outfit for men with different tastes, whether you want to get a close cut or shape the beard. SEE OFFERS OF THIS PRODUCTPros

  • This model has a fairly short charging time, which is 60 minutes.
  • In case of not being able to charge, this machine can be used connected to the charger.
  • Its head is one of the most flexible and has a movement of 10 different directions.
  • Included in the purchase is a travel bag and a protective cap, which are very useful.


  • This model does not include cutting brushes, it only contains the sideburner cutter.


If you are looking for a razor that is not high-end, but has a superior shaving quality, this is the one to choose. It has much higher online ratings, since it is capable of shaving the thickest beards without impairing its performance and at the same time provides security by being used quickly and abruptly.Buyers Reviews

We have only found positive reviews of this model, because all the people who have purchased this equipment have stopped suffering from cuts and redness of the beard and neck. This device is one of the most careful with our skin and is in the top of the best-selling models this year.

4. Series 7 7840 s

This fantastic equipment from Braun’s line 7 is one of the best shavers on the market today. Unlike the other equipment that was shown previously, this one has a selector that will allow you to choose between 5 power levels , according to the shaving that is needed, either to the body area and the amount of hair there is.

It is a wireless model, so there is no need to worry about the cable. Because of this, it will only take a short charge to start using it. Inside its head there is an intelligent chip inserted , which will allow it to adapt and mold itself to the different textures and shapes of the face or the part of the body that needs to be shaved.

Its sonic technology will allow to sweep thicker and dense hair quickly and effectively , which makes it ideal for very hairy people who need to cut their beard quickly. SEE OFFERS OF THIS PRODUCTPros

  • It is one of the most versatile models you will see, cutting with 5 types of power.
  • Its handle is very ergonomic, so there will be no fatigue in the hand.
  • It can work dry as well as wet, without losing its power when shaving.
  • Take care of the surface with which it is used, since it does not cause irritation.


  • Does not include cleaning accessories, this must be purchased separately.


Despite having a slightly higher cost than models we have seen so far. This shaver, in particular, stands out in that it has different power settings, which are worth paying a little more for them, since it gives a wide variety of possibilities to work with. And last but not least, it will provide a first class shave.Buyers Reviews

It is a medium power shaver and buyers indicate that it is a better model. It leaves a very good shave on any part of the skin, but its initial price can be somewhat high. Due to this, it is not one of the most purchased razors of this brand.

5. Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

This is another of the men’s razors, which has been the flagship of this fabulous German company. It is one of the most preferred models over the years, since it has a very simple design and offers a perfect shave with a single pass , which is not compared to other brands.

Specially designed by Braun to reduce the number of passes and thus reduce any type of irritation that the machine may cause. It is a device designed to shave on dry or wet surfaces .

Its cleaning mode is ideal, since it is a 100% washable shaver , which is appreciated because in this way it can be cleaned quickly without wasting time. It has the peculiarity of not taking a long time to recharge the battery. With this shaver you can select the fast charge mode, which only lasts 5 minutes and will be enough for a quick shave.

In addition, it keeps the skin protected, thanks to the technology that was provided. It contains a head that is flexible, which allows it to be moved in different directions to reach areas that are difficult to reach. SEE OFFERS OF THIS PRODUCTPros

  • The close shave can be achieved with a single pass, thanks to the technology of its blades.
  • Its fast charging mode will help save time for when it is unloaded and you want to use it.
  • It has very good power and its blades facilitate faster shaving.


  • This model does not allow the shaver to be used while it is charging.


Perfect for those who are somewhat forgetful, as it can be overlooked to charge, so its 5 minute fast charge will make it possible to use it at any time. Your battery can last up to weeks if it is not used daily. Its price is quite good, we compare it with other brands.Buyers Reviews

It has been one of the most requested models, because it leaves an excellent shave despite not being a razor with a high power range. People who have used this equipment feel comfortable with the ergonomic handle that it contains and in turn are satisfied that the battery life is quite long.

Best-selling Braun razors

SALEBESTSELLER NO. 1Braun Series 5 50-B1000s Electric Shaver, Foil Man Beard Shaver, Wet and Dry Use, Rechargeable, Cordless, Blue100% waterproof beard shavers for wet and dry use78.99 EUR SALEBESTSELLER

NO. 2 Braun Series 6 60-N1200s Electric Shaver, Foil Man Beard Shaver, With Precision Trimmer, Wet And Dry Use, Rechargeable, Cordless, GrayIncludes a precision trimmer attachment to trim mustache and sideburns; 100% waterproof beard shavers for wet and dry use148,33 EUR BESTSELLER

NO. 3Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 300BT, 3-in-1 Electric Shaver, Men’s Shaver with Precision Beard Trimmer, 5 Combs, Black ColorRazors designed and developed in Germany by Braun, durable, cordless.55,98 EUR SALEBESTSELLER

NO. 4Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s Men’s Electric Shaver, Cordless and Rechargeable Beard Shaver, Men’s Shaver, BlackIntegrated removable precision trimmer optimal for mustache and sideburns shaping28,74 EUR SALEBESTSELLER

NO. 5Braun Series 9 9340s – Latest Generation Men’s Electric Shaver, Rechargeable Beard Shaver, Cordless, Charging Base, Case, Dry / Wet, BlackUse dry or with water; now with 20% more battery than the previous Series 9; Tested with 3-day beards against other leading high-end products280,72 EUR

What is the best Braun razor

Shavers are essential equipment for every man, because with these machines you can work from home, without having to go to the barbershop. Different shavers have reached the market, including the German brand Braun. This company has stood out for its excellence in both price and quality, giving users a very efficient equipment with just one pass.

We cannot deny that Braun is undoubtedly a company that has been in charge of attracting the attention of these modern men, who love to look elegant with few shaves. It is for this reason that this company has launched different lines of razors, each of which is subject to the needs of men and their pockets.

As we know, there are many razors that Braun has on the market. We have chosen the best, but it should be noted that this varies according to the user’s taste, since they are designs with functions and characteristics different from each other.

The Braun Series 7 720 S-6 is considered the best, because it is a cordless machine, it shaves in a professional way , thanks to the high technology with which its blades were designed. Within this equipment there are three levels of adjustment according to the type of skin. It is not heavy equipment and has incredible technological features that are in short supply in other razors.

Buy Braun razor

A large number of users who have purchased Braun razors are very satisfied with the purchase made, as they consider it to be the best investment and without a doubt they do not regret it . The technology found in each of them outperforms other brands that are competing for first place in the market.

If what you want is a team that takes care of the skin, these are the ideal machines . It may be a bit difficult to choose, since there are many razors. Braun has devices from Series 3 to the most current, Series 9, each of them have different prices so that you can choose with total freedom.

Braun razor price

The price is one of the factors we must consider when you want to buy a product . This is the decisive factor to be able to take what we want, because, if what we want is out of our budget, unfortunately we will not be able to take it home.

Within the different lines of electric shavers, there are different prices that vary according to the material with which it was made, the functions, the technologies and the characteristics. But, Braun has made a great effort for its best and future fans, so that they can buy their personal care equipment without any problem.

Tips for Braun razors

The care of the equipment is very important , since if it is not given constant and adequate maintenance, it could present failures in the future, making its work not as efficient as it was at the beginning.

It is for this reason that you must know the most relevant process or tips for razors to shave the face without leaving skin irritation . One of the main tips that must be taken into account is the lubrication that must be given to the equipment so that it continues to function in the correct way. As well as, the blades must be sharpened or replaced so that the hairs on the face can be professionally cut and, in turn, continue to reach the difficult-to-shave places.

How to lubricate a Braun razor

The lubrication of our shaver is very important, as is its constant cleaning , as this will make its useful life much longer. Just like other equipment that contains a motor needs some oil, so will the electrical machine.

There are spray lubricants, which are perfect for giving electric shavers a good cleaning and lubrication. If you just want to clean, the ideal is to use a brush to remove the residue of hair that were cut by said machine.

If the machine is used with a shaving gel or cream, it will need a deeper cleaning, so a little hot water and soap will be needed , this can be liquid.

After washing, the lubricant should be used and the blades sprayed and the blades should be allowed to dry on their own. If you have a rotary razor, you must disassemble the head and put a little lubricant on the blades and inside it.

It is important that before cleaning and lubricating the razor, you must read the factory instructions, in order to avoid damage to the equipment.

How to sharpen a Braun razor

To begin with, we must mention that the blades and blades of Braun shavers are not like a kitchen knife that can be sharpened. By what you mean is that these blades are not sharp, the best thing to do is replace them with new ones .

Shaver blades deteriorate over time and depending on the use that is provided. When these come into contact with the skin and the hair on the face, they lose their edge, so that the shaving is not as precise as it was at the beginning, causing injuries and irritation to the skin.

The blades should be replaced when necessary, this can be between a few years or a couple of months. Braun recommends replacing the printhead at least every year and a half . Although this will depend on the use, cleaning and lubrication of this.

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