50 largest private companies – 2019

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Coal miners showed the strongest revenue growth, but Shymkent airline is also among the growth leaders.

Background: 50 largest private companies

The Kazakhstani economy as a whole has adapted to the crisis, which confirms the state of the largest private companies. From 2015 to 2018, the total revenue of the top 50 in tenge more than doubled – from 2.9 trillion to 6.58 trillion tenge , in dollar terms – by 45.4%. Stagnation in dollar terms was observed only in the hardest year for the economy in 2016, when the GDP was kept in the positive zone only with the help of a massive infusion of money from the National Fund. In 2018, the total revenue of the top 50 grew to $ 19.09 billion from $ 17.37 in 2017, although the average exchange rate of the national currency fell from 326 tenge to 344.7 tenge per US dollar. At the same time, mining and oil and gas companies that traditionally benefit from the devaluation of the local currency amounted to only20% of the list. In total, 41 participants increased their revenue over the year, and only 9 had it decreased. Interestingly, there are only four mining companies in the top 10 fastest growing companies, the rest are retail, construction, power engineering, mechanical engineering and even air transportation.

14 companies in the rating improved their positions compared to the previous year, five retained, 21 worsened, three returned after a break, and three had a revised structure. This year, four newcomers also got into the top 50: the energy LLP “Kazakhstan Utility Systems” (No. 23), the construction LLP “Unex Stroy Company” (No. 33), the mining and metallurgical JSC “Temirtau Electrometallurgical Plant” (No. 42) and coal JSC “Shubarkul premium” (No. 43).

In the traditional ranking of the top 10 largest taxpayers, there are two new participants – the oil LLP South-Oil and the trading LLP Arena S (the Sulpak hypermarket chain). KAZ Minerals Plc with 91.32 billion tenge topped this list, rising from last year’s second place. A significant increase in tax payments is also observed in the Kazakhmys Corporation LLP (59.98 billion tenge) and Caspian Oil JSC (55.81 billion), which took the second and third positions, respectively (in the previous ranking they were the fifth and sixth respectively). Last year’s leader “Kazchrome” dropped to fourth place, dropped out of the top ten BI Group and LLP “Kazakh Motor Company” Astana-Motors “.


The rating includes companies operating in Kazakhstan, in the capital of which the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan own at least 50% of the share , as well as Kazakh companies, the owners of which changed their citizenship after their creation. The rating does not include financial organizations (banks, insurance, leasing, investment, etc.) due to significant differences in business and accounting. More than 100 companies were included in the long list, the ones that received the highest revenue in 2018 were selected on the short list. When ranking companies, in addition to revenue, the amount of taxes paid for the year and the number of employees were also taken into account. Information for the assessment was obtained from open sources or provided by the companies themselves. In the absence of data, its own assessment was carried out.

Rating information on estimated revenues, ranking of companies, information on the type of activity and other represent value judgments, are not exhaustive and cannot be construed as an official document.

The use of the rating data by other media is allowed only on condition of a rewrite and two active links to the 1top.company website and the rating itself . Copy-paste (verbatim reproduction) is prohibited.

  1. JSC “TNC” Kazchrome “

Revenue: 750.05 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Arman Esenzhulov
 Headcount: 19,306 people
 Net profit: 176.89 billion tenge

TNK Kazchrome JSC is a company specializing in the extraction, enrichment of chrome and manganese ore, the production of chromium, manganese and silicon ferroalloys of various grades. It includes four main production divisions: Donskoy GOK, Kazmarganets Ore Administration, Aksu and Aktobe Ferroalloy Plants.

In 2018, the company’s revenue increased by 6.3% compared to the previous year, but net profit decreased by 42.2% (306.05 billion in 2017). In addition, paid taxes decreased over the year – by 49%, from 98.3 billion to 50.1 billion tenge.

In October 2019, the company announced the construction of a recycling power plant that will produce electricity for the needs of the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant. The plant will operate on ferroalloy gas, a by-product from ferrochrome smelting. The project is estimated at 38.5 billion tenge and will be commissioned in 2022.

Kazchrome JSC is owned by Eurasian Resources Group S.ar.l. (ERG) through ENRC BV The ultimate owners are the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 40%, Alidzhan Ibragimov and Alexander Mashkevich – both 20.7% each, Patokh Shodiev (No. 1116 respectively) – 18.6%.

   2. KAZ Minerals Plc

Revenue: 745.89 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Andrew Sauzam
 Headcount: 10 616 people
 Net profit: 175.95 billion tenge

KAZ Minerals is the legal successor of the Kazakhmys group on the stock exchanges after the restructuring. The company operates at the open-type copper mines Bozshakol (in Pavlodar region) and Aktogay (in East Kazakhstan region), at three underground mines in the Eastern region of Kazakhstan and at the Bozymchak gold-copper mine in Kyrgyzstan.

Revenue of KAZ Minerals in 2018 increased by 18%, from 631.92 billion to 745.89 billion tenge. Net profit increased by 20.7%, from 145.75 billion to 175.95 billion tenge.

Production at the mines continues to grow. In 2018, KAZ Minerals produced 295 thousand tonnes of copper in cathode equivalent, which is 13.7% more than 258.5 thousand tonnes in 2017. At the same time, production at Aktogay increased by 45%, to 131 thousand tons from 90.2 thousand tons, and at Bozshakol it remained practically at the last year’s level – 102 thousand tons against 101.3 thousand tons, respectively.
The increase in revenue was also facilitated by an increase in the price of copper, which averaged $ 6,542.87 per ton in 2018, which is 6.2% more than in 2017.

KAZ Minerals shares are listed on the Kazakhstan, London and Hong Kong stock exchanges. As of February 2019, the largest shareholder of the company is Vladimir Kim – 31.73%. The other two are Oleg Novachuk (# 27), 7.65%, and Vladislav Kim (# 23, respectively), 6.82%.

  3. “Corporation” Kazakhmys “LLP

Revenue: 690.27 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Eduard Ogay
 Headcount: 19,733 people
 Net profit: 80.32 billion tenge

Kazakhmys Corporation LLP was formed in October 2014 after the reorganization of the Kazakhmys group. It includes mines, processing plants, coal mines, copper smelters in Karaganda, Balkhash, Zhezkazgan and Satpayev (Karaganda region), as well as the Shatyrkul mine (Zhambyl region). LLP ranks second in terms of revenue among private companies, first in terms of the number of employees (more than 19 thousand people).

The main activities of Corporation Kazakhmys LLP are mining and processing of copper ore into cathode copper and copper wire rod, as well as refining and sale of precious metals. In 2018, most of the cathode copper and silver in the amount of 469.88 billion tenge was sold to Advaita Trade DMCC, registered in the UAE. The gold produced by the company is fully sold to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2018, it was sold for 96.5 billion tenge against 50.11 billion tenge in 2017.

The company’s revenue for the year increased by 16%, from 595.07 billion tenge to 690.27 billion tenge. Net profit amounted to 80.32 billion tenge, which is 22.4% more than in the previous year.

According to the 2018 financial report, 70% of the company is owned by Vladimir Kim, 30% by Eduard Ogay.

   4. JSC “SSGPO”

Revenue: 255.77 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Bereke Mukhametkaliev
 Headcount: 16 446 people
 Net loss: 11.84 billion tenge

JSC SSGPO is the largest iron ore company in the country, founded in 1954. The JSC includes Sokolovskiy, Sarbaiskiy, Kacharskiy and Kurzhunkulskiy quarries, Sokolovskaya mine, Alekseevskiy dolomite mine, enrichment and pellet production plants, metal rolling plant, etc.

SSGPO’s revenue in 2018 amounted to 255.77 billion tenge, which is 17% more compared to 218.7 billion in 2017. 244.19 billion tenge, or more than 95% of revenues, the company received from the sale of iron ore products, which is 18.1% more compared to the previous year (206.68 billion tenge).

However, SSGPO ended the year with a loss of 11.8 billion tenge against a profit of 20.35 billion tenge a year earlier. According to the company’s report, this was mainly due to the resulting loss from the exchange rate difference – 41.83 billion tenge.

98.16% of the shares of the JSC belong to the ERG group.

   5. GC BI Group

Revenue: 365 billion tenge
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Aydin Rakhimbaev
 Headcount: 6,028 people
 Net profit: no data

Construction and investment holding BI Group was founded in 1995. It consists of the companies BI Construction & Engineerinng, BI InfraConstruction, BI Development and BI Property (the latter is excluded from the rating calculations, since it is not a construction, but a service one). Now it is the largest construction group in the country, engaged in the construction of roads, infrastructure for industrial and oil and gas facilities, residential and commercial real estate, and the production of building materials. For 23 years of the holding’s activity, 5 million sq. m of housing, industrial and social infrastructure, 1,700 km of roads, bridges and crossings of republican and regional significance, 700 km of railways have been laid.

In 2018, the total revenue of the group’s companies amounted to 365 billion tenge, which is 2.9% less than in the previous year. Foreign representative offices were opened in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The founders are Aydin Rakhimbaev , Bauyrzhan Isabaev (No. 36), Askhat Omarov (No. 43, respectively) and the company’s management.

   6. LLP “Er Sai Caspian Contractor”

Revenue: 321.79 billion tenge *
 Industry: oilfield services
 First manager: Alessandro Castagna
 Headcount: 1,125 people *
 Net profit: no data

Er Sai Caspian Contractor LLP is a Kazakh-Italian joint venture founded by ERC Holding LLP and Saipem International BV (ENI Group Company). It provides contracting and subcontracting services to oil companies in the Caspian region, conducts offshore and coastal construction work, engineering and design work, and provides steel assembly and logistics services. The largest client is the Agip KSO consortium, which is developing the Kashagan field in the Caspian Sea.

Tax payments of Er Sai Caspian Contractor LLP in 2018 amounted to 30.57 billion tenge, which is 15.8% less than 36.2 billion tenge in 2017.

The main shareholder from the Kazakh side is Lancaster Investments Company, owned by Yuri Pak , Berik Kaniev (No. 37), the Kapparov family (No. 42), Yan Chan.

   7. LLP “Arena S”

Revenue: 237.53 billion tenge
 Industry: retail
 First manager: Dmitry Provkin
 Headcount: 6,586 people
 Net profit: no data

Founded in 1992, the Sulpak retail chain (Arena S LLP) is now represented in more than 55 cities and towns of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In total, there are 151 retail outlets in the network, 9 of which were opened in 2019. The head office is located in Almaty. Since 2014, the company has been a member of the European purchasing cooperative Euronics, which specializes in the trade of electronics and household appliances. Sulpak has its own HiTechnic 24/7 customer service.

In 2018, the company’s revenue increased by 28.5%, to 237.53 billion tenge from 184.8 billion in 2017. Paid taxes increased by 56% and amounted to KZT 13.47 billion compared to 8.62 billion a year earlier.

According to the data provided by the company, the majority owner of Arena S LLP is Almas Sultangazin .

   8. JSC “Aluminum of Kazakhstan”

Revenue: 175.39 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Roman Romanov
 Headcount: 9,811 people
 Net profit: 36.83 billion tenge

JSC “Aluminum of Kazakhstan” has been operating since 1964 and is the only Kazakhstani enterprise that produces alumina (raw material for the production of aluminum). It includes the Pavlodar aluminum plant, CHPP-1, Krasnooktyabrskoye and Torgayskoye ore administrations (Kostanay region), the Keregetas limestone mine (Pavlodar region).

The company’s revenue in 2018 increased by 11.2%, from 157.66 billion to 175.38 billion tenge, despite the fact that the volume of alumina shipped decreased by 5% – from 1.002 million to 971 thousand tons. This is due to the rise in prices on the world market after the sanctions against the Russian “Rusal”. During the year, the amount of tax revenues also increased – from 13.77 billion to 19.60 billion tenge.

In November 2019, it became known that the operation of the Torgai bauxite mine was closed in 2021 due to the depletion of reserves. Now the company employs 662 people.

64.85% of shares of Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC are owned by ENRC NV, 31.85% – by ERG Sales AG. The latter two are subsidiaries of Eurasian Resources Group S.ar.l. (ERG).

   9. JSC “Technodom Operator”

Revenue: 221.28 billion tenge
 Industry: retail
 First manager: Renat Ismailov
 Headcount: 7685 people
 Net profit: 4.9 billion tenge

The Technodom Operator network has been operating since 2002 and includes 82 stores and one brand shop in 28 cities of Kazakhstan and Bishkek. In addition, the company owns 28 mobile phone stores. The total sales area of ​​the stores is over 94 thousand square meters. m.

In 2018, the company’s revenue increased by more than 27%, to 221.28 billion tenge. Tax payments to the budget amounted to 12.51 billion tenge, which is 17% more than 10.67 billion in 2017. At the same time, net profit for the year decreased by 38.7%, from 8 billion to 4.9 billion tenge. According to the company’s statements, this happened to a large extent against the background of an increase in sales costs – by 42.2% and finance costs – by 90.8%.

The shareholder of the company is TD Retail BV, registered in the Netherlands, owned by the founder of the chain, Eduard Kim in the .

   10. LLP “Magnum Cash & Carry”

Revenue: 187 billion tenge
 Industry: retail
 First manager: Azamat Osmanov
 Headcount: 9,523 people
 Net profit: 2.2 billion tenge

Magnum Cash & Carry is the largest Kazakhstani retail and retail chain with complexes and stores in nine cities of the country, founded in 2007.

In 2018, the amount of taxes paid increased by 28.5%, from 4.9 billion to 6.3 billion tenge, the chain’s revenue increased by 16.6%.

The company is developing an environmental policy: from December 2019, plastic bags will be paid for in the networks of Almaty and Nur-Sultan. According to representatives of Magnum Cash & Carry, this is the first stage of an initiative to completely eliminate plastic bags.

The ultimate beneficiaries of Magnum Cash & Carry LLP are Alexander Garber , as well as Daniyar Aryngaziev, Elina Pugach, Roman Tikhomirov, Andrey Yust.

   11. JSC “Caspian Oil”

Revenue: 111.22 billion tenge
 Industry: oil and gas
 First manager: Kairbek Eleusinov
 Headcount: 279 people
 Net profit: 21.47 billion tenge

The company is developing the Ayrankol multilayer oil and gas field in the Zhylyoi district of the Atyrau region.

In 2018, its revenue increased by 34% – from 84.18 billion tenge in 2017. Retained earnings decreased to 8.6 billion tenge from 28.7 billion, and basic earnings per share fell to 215 from 265 tenge.

100% of Caspiy Oil JSC is owned by Precious Oil Products BV, registered in the Netherlands, which is controlled by Singapore-based Glenville Asset Management Pte Ltd as the trustee of the final holding Steppe Capital Pte Ltd. The ultimate majority owner of the company is Timur Kulibayev .

   12. GC “BIPEK Auto – Asia Auto”

Revenue: 181.8 billion tenge
 Industry: mechanical engineering, auto retail
 First manager: Anatoly Balushkin
 Headcount: 5023 people
 Net profit: no data

The structure of the group “BIPEK Auto – Asia Auto” includes 75% of JSC “Asia Auto Kazakhstan” (the remaining 25% is owned by the Russian “AvtoVAZ”), JSC “BIPEK Auto Kazakhstan” and JSC “Asia Auto”, which includes the car assembly plant in Ust -Kamenogorsk. In Russia, the group owns 15 regional branches and three foreign representative offices – in Moscow, Togliatti and Prague, Asia Auto Ust-Kamenogorsk LLC, Asia Auto Siberia, BIPEK, R-Motors Lada and six trading companies – in Barnaul and Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk and Shadrinsk, Kurgan region.

The majority owner of the group is Anatoly Balushkin .

   13. JSC “Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant”

Revenue: 192.36 billion tenge
 Industry: metallurgy
 First manager: Andrey Batrachenko
 Headcount: 2,623 people
 Net profit: 48.52 billion tenge

JSC “Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant” is the only enterprise in the country for the production of primary aluminum. 90% of production is exported.

In 2018, the company’s net profit increased from 3.05 billion to 48.52 billion tenge, revenue – by 13.4%, from 159.61 billion to 192.35 billion tenge.

Founder – ERG Sales AG, part of the Eurasian Group.

   14. LLP “Kazakh Motor Company” Astana-Motors “

Revenue: 177.84 billion tenge
 Industry: mechanical engineering, auto retail
 First manager: Beknur Nesipbayev
 Headcount: 1,559 people
 Net profit: 7.9 billion tenge

Astana-Motors presents 11 car brands on the market: Hyundai, Subaru, BMW and MINI, Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo. Since July 2019, the company has established the assembly of Golden Dragon buses and electric buses at the Almaty car assembly plant.

The only founder is Nurlan Smagulov .

   15. JSC “Euro-Asian Energy Corporation”

Revenue: 105.97 billion tenge
 Industry: electricity
 First manager: Valery Grinenko
 Headcount: 5,763 people
 Net profit: 15.84 billion tenge

The EEC includes the Vostochny Ekibastuz coal mine, which produces up to 20 million tons of coal per year, and the Aksu power plant, which accounts for about 17% of all electricity generated in the country. More than half of the electricity is consumed by the enterprises of the parent group.

The corporation’s shares (98.41%) are owned by ENRC NV.

   16. JSC “Kazphosphate”

Revenue: 116.34 billion tenge
 Industry: chemical industry
 First manager: Maksutbek Yessenov
 Headcount: 6253 people
 Net profit: 17.32 billion tenge

JSC “Kazphosphate” is a company for the extraction, processing of phosphorus ore and the production of mineral fertilizers, yellow phosphorus and other phosphorus-containing products at the deposits located in the Zhambyl and Turkestan regions.

The company includes the Novodzhambul phosphoric plant, the Mineral Fertilizers plant, the Karatau and Chulaktau mining and processing complexes, the railway transport complex in the Zhambyl region, the Shymkent synthetic detergent plant and the Stepnogorsk chemical plant. Has a representative office in Urumqi (PRC).

The ultimate beneficiary of Kazphosphate JSC is Galimzhan Yessenov .

   17. LLP “Prima Distribution”

Revenue: 119.84 billion tenge
 Industry: trade
 First manager: Arseniy Naboko
 Headcount: 5221 people
 Net profit: no data

Prima Distribution LLP is one of the largest distributors of consumer goods in Kazakhstan with branches in 38 cities that cover more than 35 thousand retail outlets. The company has its own logistics center in Almaty and a hub in Vilnius for commodity flows from European countries.

The founders are Alexander Garber , Roman Tikhomirov and Elina Pugach.

   18. LLP “Helios”

Revenue: 86.68 billion tenge *
 Industry: sales of petroleum products
 First manager: Roman Faerfas
 Headcount: 4,863 people
 Net profit: no data

Helios LLP, specializing in retail and wholesale trade and supply of petroleum products in Kazakhstan, was founded in 1999. Today, the network of Helios filling stations has 270 filling stations in 61 settlements of the country, 26 oil depots and 55 oil change points.

In 2018, the volume of tax payments of the company decreased by 25%, from 4.51 billion to 3.38 billion tenge.

The sole shareholder of Helios LLP is Rashit Sarsenov .

   19. JSC “MMC” Kazakhaltyn “

Revenue: 76.37 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Balamir Makhanov
 Headcount: 4,489 people
 Net profit: 20.22 billion tenge

JSC “MMC” Kazakhaltyn “is the legal successor of JSC” Kazakhaltyn “privatized in 1999, one of the oldest gold mining companies in Kazakhstan. It includes Kazakhaltyn Technology LLP, Kazakhaltyn Logistic LLP, Visart LLP and City A invest LLP.

The company has a contract for mining gold-bearing ores at the Aksu, Kvartsitovye Gorki, Akbeit, Baylyusta, Bestobe and Zholymbet deposits in the Akmola region. Also in May 2018, a four-year contract was signed for the exploration of gold-bearing ores at the Ushtogan-Karakassk ore cluster in the same region.

At the end of 2018, 82.5% of the company’s shares directly and through Financial Services BV belonged to Eduard Ogay, the remaining 17.5%, through the same Financial Services BV, to Vladimir Kim . Prior to that, Ogai’s share was 75%, and 25% belonged to Financial Services BV, which belonged to Kim and Russian businessman Alexei Anoshkin.

   20. LLP “KSP Steel”

Revenue: 36.08 billion tenge *
 Industry: metallurgy
 Chief executive officer: Eduard Kreimer
 Headcount: more than 7,500 people *
 Net profit: no data

Founded in 2007, the Pavlodar plant is engaged in the production of seamless steel pipes for the oil and gas industry. In addition to the domestic market, the company exports products to Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

Tax payments of KSP Steel in 2018 amounted to 3.57 billion tenge, which is 32% more than 2.72 billion tenge in the previous year.

Founders – Eduard Kramer and Asia Pasific Investments Limited, affiliated with Rashit Sarsenov.

   21. LLP “Bazis Construction”

Revenue: 27.87 billion tenge *
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Zhenis Nugymanov
 Headcount: 8,200 people *
 Net profit: no data

Bazis Construction is a construction division of the Bazis-A group of companies, founded in 1991 by Alexander Belovich.

In addition to Kazakhstan, the company is building facilities in Russia and Canada. In 2018, its tax payments decreased by 47%, from 3.2 billion to 1.7 billion tenge.

The owner of Bazis Construction is Pavel Belovich, the son of the company’s founder.

   22. JSC “Pavlodarenergo”

Revenue: 51.97 billion tenge
 Industry: electricity
 First manager: Oleg Perfilov
 Headcount: 5189 people
 Net profit: 2.28 billion tenge

Pavlodarenergo JSC was founded in 2002 on the basis of Northern Heating Networks LLP. The company is engaged in the production, transmission and distribution of electrical and thermal energy. Its structure includes Pavlodar Electric Distribution Company JSC, Pavlodar Heating Networks LLP, Pavlodarenergosbyt LLP and Ekibastuzteploenergo LLP.

The company’s revenue in 2018 amounted to 51.97 billion tenge, which is 4.2% more than in 2017. However, net profit decreased by 69%, from 7.62 billion to 2.35 billion tenge. In October this year, the company announced the launch of a project to expand the capacity of CHPP-3 worth 100 billion tenge.

The only shareholder is CAEPCO JSC, large shares of which belong to TsAPEC JSC – 92.57% and Sergey Kan, No. 21, respectively).

   23. LLP “Kazakhstan Utility Systems”

Revenue: 128.64 billion tenge
 Industry: electricity
 First manager: Nabi Aitzhanov
 Headcount: 42 people
 Net profit: 13.59 billion tenge

Kazakhstan Utility Systems LLP is the main supplier of heat and electricity in Karaganda, Turkestan, East Kazakhstan and Mangistau regions, Shymkent. Founded in 2008. In total, the KUS structure includes 10 companies, of which five were acquired in 2017: Ust-Kamenogorsk and Sogrinskaya CHPPs – from Arnika Beteiligungen GmbH, Shygys Energo LLP – from East Kazakhstan Regional Energy Company JSC, as well as Dutch Heat & Power Holding BV and 45.86% in MREK.

In 2018, the company’s net profit increased by 32.1%, including due to an increase in revenue from the sale of electricity, associated with an increase in its share in JSC “MEDNC”. In January 2018, KKS increased its share in MEDNC from 45.86 to 52.63%.

99% of Kazakhstan Utility Systems LLP belongs to Magda Idrisova, the wife of businessman Dinmukhamet Idrisov of the richest , 1% is owned by Zhazira Ismailova.

   24. LLP “Dream Market”

Revenue: 92.80 billion tenge
 Industry: retail
 First manager: Erem Harutyunyan
 Headcount: 1,619 people
 Net profit: no data

The chain of stores of electronic and household appliances has 48 stores in 23 cities of Kazakhstan with an area of ​​over 50,000 square meters. m. The head office is located in Astana.

Founders: Erem Harutyunyan, Yuri Gotzelig, Rima Usoltseva, Soyuz 12 Astana LLP, New Investments LLP.

   25. SCAT Airlines JSC

Revenue: 99.11 billion tenge
 Industry: air transportation
 First manager: Vladimir Denisov
 Headcount: 1,250 people
 Net profit: 1.88 billion tenge

The airline’s revenue continued to grow – from 73.12 billion tenge in 2017 to 99.10 billion in 2018 (revenue in 2016 was 39.48 billion tenge).

In the fall of 2018, SCAT signed a memorandum with the Shymkent akimat on the construction of a new terminal at its own expense with a planned investment of $ 50 million. In October 2019, representatives of the airline approved a project of 35 thousand square meters. m, with a capacity of 2000 passengers per hour. The new terminal is scheduled to open in the second half of 2020.

The owners of the company are Vladimir Denisov (57%) and Vladimir Sytnik (43%).

   26. LLP “Kamkor Lokomotiv”

Revenue: 36.09 billion tenge *
 Industry: technical service
 First manager: Murat Amirov
 Headcount: 5387 people
 Net profit: no data

“Kamkor Lokomotiv” LLP includes 13 branches, two service centers and four production sites located throughout the entire railway network of Kazakhstan.

In 2018, the company increased tax revenues by 33%, from 3.46 billion to 4.61 billion tenge.

The founder is Kamkor Management LLP with four owners – Andrey Kim, Alibek Kulibayev, Dias Suleimenov and Joint Technologies (Kipros LLP, owned by Timur and Dinara Kulibayevs, as well as Raushan Sagdieva).

   27. JSC “Group of Companies” Allur “

Revenue: 83.09 billion tenge
 Industry: mechanical engineering, auto retail First manager: Oksana
 Kholstinina Headcount
 : 1,134 people
 Net profit: 63 million tenge

Allur Group of Companies JSC is a manufacturer and distributor of SsangYong Motor, Iveco brands, a dealer of Suzuki Motor Corporation and Mitsubishi Motor Corporation. The structure of the group includes Allur Distribution LLP, dealer centers of Mitsubishi Center Yug LLP, Zhana Suzuki LLP, Allur Auto Almaty LLP, Allur Auto Astana LLP, Lion AutoCenter Almaty LLP, ZAZ Center LLP Almaty ”,“ Turin Auto ”LLP, as well as“ SaryarkaAvtoProm ”LLP.

Major participants in the company are Yuri Tskhai, who owns 52.22%, and Andrey Lavrentyev – 22.38%.

   28. LLP “South-Oil”

Revenue: 60.55 billion tenge
 Industry: oil and gas
 First manager: Serikzhan Seitzhanov
 Headcount: 863 people
 Net profit: 5.22 billion tenge

The South-Oil LLP oil company was founded in 1999, but received the first subsoil use contracts in 2001.

In 2018, South-Oil’s revenue amounted to 60.55 billion tenge, which is 7.5% more than in the previous year. Tax payments increased by 94%, from 8.08 billion to 15.6 billion tenge.

57.16% of the company through FTPK Ontustik LLP belongs to the Seitzhanov family , 39.17% (through AO Petro Asia) to the Kanybekov family (No. 41, respectively). The founders are also: Tulegen Amirov (2%), Galiya Sadueva (1.5%) and Ardak Aitbaev (0.17%).

   29. “Almaty International Airport” JSC

Revenue: 65.31 billion tenge
 Industry: transport and logistics
 First manager: Bolat Yerzhanov
 Headcount: 3111 people
 Net profit: 5.39 billion tenge

The revenue of Almaty International Airport JSC in 2018 increased by 17%, from 55.8 billion to 65.31 billion tenge. Net profit amounted to 5.39 billion tenge, which is 32% more than 4.08 billion in 2017.

In November of this year, it became known that Almaty International Airport JSC, 100% of whose shares belong to Venus Airport Investments BV, affiliated with Timur Kulibayev, is being sold to the consortium TAV Airports Holding and VPE Capital.

   30. LLP “Burgylau”

Revenue: 47.41 billion tenge *
 Industry: oilfield services
 First manager: Mustakhim berkaliev
 Headcount: 2000 people *
 Net profit: no data

LLP “Burgylau” was established in 1997 on the basis of the Soviet enterprise Uzen Drilling Operations Department in the city of Zhanaozen, Mangystau Region. It is engaged in the construction, development, overhaul and abandonment of production oil and gas wells.

In 2018, the company increased tax revenues by 12.7%, from 6.3 billion to 7.1 billion tenge.

100% of Burgylau LLP is owned by KazPetro Drilling JSC, 70% of which in 2017 through Dostar Oil Service LLP was owned by Yakov Tskhai. It is known from the non-financial reports of 2018 that 15% of KazPetroDrilling JSC is owned by Yeskendir Sattybayev, and 85% is owned by VT Standards Corporation BV, registered in the Netherlands.

   31. LLP “Alina Group”

Revenue: 46.1 billion tenge
 Industry: construction industry
 First manager: Erlik Balfanbayev
 Headcount: 2,760 people
 Net profit: 3.13 billion tenge

Alina celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The production group is engaged in the extraction, processing of raw materials and the sale of building materials in Central Asia and Russia under the brands AlinEX, Alina Paint, Nashi, Batyr. It also includes the G-EX company, engaged in the extraction and sale of marble and gypsum raw materials since 2007 (four own quarries for the extraction of gypsum and marble, 37 processing plants).

The company’s revenue amounted to 46.1 billion tenge, which is 19.6% more compared to the previous year. Net profit increased by 28.8%, from 2.43 billion to 3.13 billion tenge.

The sole owner is Erlik Balfanbaev.

   32. JSC “KazAzot”

Revenue: 43.78 billion tenge
 Industry: chemical industry
 First manager: Arman Mauleshev
 Headcount: 1,230 people
 Net profit: 13.78 billion tenge

JSC “KazAzot” was founded in 2005 in Aktau. The company produces and sells ammonium nitrate, ammonia, nitric acid and natural gas.

Revenue in 2018 remained at the level of 2017 and amounted to 43.78 billion tenge. Of these, 86.5% of sales fell on the domestic market, the remaining 13.5% – for export. Net profit amounted to 13.78 billion tenge, which is 2.2% less than 14.09 billion a year earlier.

The largest shareholder – 50% – Toex BV, owned by Timur Kulibayev. 30% is owned by Dinmukhamet Idrisov, 15% – by Bakharidin Ablazimov , 5% – by Yerzhan Dostybaev.

   33. LLP “Company Unex Stroy”

Revenue: 43.57 billion tenge
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Yuri Epishev
 Headcount: 1,164 people
 Net profit: no data

Unex Stroy Company LLP was founded in 2002 and has the right to perform construction and installation works of the first category, which is assigned to licensees with more than 10 years of experience.

In 2018, the company carried out a number of major projects, including construction work at the third generation plant of Tengizchevroil LLP and a 43.6 MW wind farm at Fort Shevchenko in the Mangistau region. Among the customers are Zhaikmunaigas LLP, Teniz Service LLP, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, the Kazakhstan branch of Agip Caspian Sea B.V., Sinopec Engineering Co, ltd, etc.

In 2018, the company’s revenue amounted to 43.57 billion tenge, which is 1.1% less than 44.05 billion in 2017.

The founders through Unex Construction LLP are Ilya Kenzin and Yury Epishev.

   34. JSC “RG Brands”

Revenue: 52.97 billion tenge
 Industry: food industry
 First manager: Timur Kaltaev
 Headcount: 1200 people
 Net profit: 5.79 billion tenge

RG Brands, one of the first juice and beverage producers in Kazakhstan, has been operating since 1994 and has four production sites in the north and south of the country with a total capacity of 750 million liters per year.

The company’s revenue in 2018 amounted to 52.97 billion tenge, which is slightly more than 52.43 billion of the previous year. At the same time, 82.35% of the proceeds, or 43.62 billion tenge, was received in Kazakhstan, 12.46%, or 6.6 billion – in Kyrgyzstan, 5.12%, or 2.7 billion – in Russia.

61.77% of the shares of RG Brands JSC belong to Kairat Mazhibaev

   35. Alageum Electric Group

Revenue: 38 billion tenge
 Industry: mechanical engineering
 First manager: Saidulla Kozhabaev
 Headcount: 1,710 people
 Net profit: 2.9 billion tenge

The Alageum Electric Group was founded in 1997 and specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of electrical products. For the rating, only machine-building enterprises of the group are included in the calculations: Kentau Transformer Plant JSC, Ural Transformer Plant LLP, Almaty Electromechanical Plant, Asia Trafo, Kaztransformator and Aktau Transformer Plant.

The controlling shareholder of the group is Saidulla Kozhabaev

   36. Group of Companies Akniet Pharmaceuticals

Revenue: 47.98 billion tenge
 Industry: pharmaceuticals
 First manager: Ruslan Berdenov
 Headcount: 1,298 people
 Net profit: no data

Akniet Pharmaceuticals, established in 1996, distributes pharmaceuticals and medical products and parapharmacy. Owns a network of Europharma pharmacies.

The sole founder is Kairat Itemgenov (via KBI Invest Fzco).

   37. LLP “Standard Cement”

Revenue: 44.79 billion tenge *
 Sector: construction industry
 First manager: Baurzhan Seitzhanov
 Headcount: 1200 people *
 Net profit: no data

The construction of the cement plant began in 2006 under the SPFIID program, and in 2010 it was commissioned.

In 2018, the company’s tax payments increased by 96% and amounted to 2.08 billion tenge against 1.06 billion in 2017.

Founder – FTPK Ontustik LLP, owned by the Seitzhanov family.

   38. LLP “ASPMK-519”

Revenue: 25.99 billion tenge
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Alexander Sychev
 Headcount: 2,728 people
 Net profit: no data

ASPMK-519 LLP was founded in 2000 and unites a number of industrial and service enterprises engaged in the design, construction, modernization and repair of electrical networks and substations with voltages up to 500 kV.

It has branches and joint ventures in Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

Tax payments of the company in 2018 decreased by 45% and amounted to 1.02 billion tenge against 1.84 billion in 2017.
The founders are Pavel Nemytov, Viktor Sychev, Viktor Kim, Valentina Komarova and Zhanna Sailibekova.

   39. “Bayan Sulu” JSC

Revenue: 32.21 billion tenge
 Industry: food industry
 First manager: Timur Sadykov
 Headcount: 1,766 people
 Net profit: 1.33 billion tenge

Bayan Sulu JSC is one of the largest confectionery industries in Kazakhstan, founded in 1974.

In 2018, the company’s revenue decreased by 13.8%, and net income decreased by 1 billion tenge – from 2.33 billion in 2017.

83.51% of shares are owned by KazFoodProducts LLP, the beneficiary of which is Yerlan Baimuratov.

   40. JSC “Karazhyra”

Revenue: 33.92 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Margulan Makishev
 Headcount: 990 people
 Net profit: 4.98 billion tenge

JSC “Karazhyra” is developing a coal deposit of the same name on the territory of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. In the spring of 2019, the company issued a loan to Karazhyra Holdings BV, registered in the Netherlands, in the amount of 1.52 billion tenge.

Shareholders: Eduard Ogay – 20.1%, Vladimir Dzhumanbaev – 20% and Yerlan Nigmatulin – 10%, as well as Karazhyra Holdings BV registered in the Netherlands – 49.9% (beneficiary is a Dutch citizen Anna Berezina).

   41. JSC “Company” Montazhspetsstroy “

Revenue: 26.02 billion tenge
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Talgat Nazarov
 Headcount: 1,931 people
 Net profit: 698.87 million tenge

JSC “Company” Montazhspetsstroy “was founded in 1994 and is one of the diversified construction companies in the oil and gas sector of the country. Major customers of the company are Tengizchevroil, Agip KCO, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, Zhaikmunai, Kazchrome, etc.

This year Montazhspetsstroy returned to the rating again. The company’s revenue increased by more than 51% and amounted to 26.02 billion tenge against 17.2 billion in 2017. At the same time, net profit decreased by 45.9%, from 1.29 billion to 698.87 million tenge.

57.54% of the shares of the JSC belong to Talgat Nazarov, 13.93% – to Evgeny Ezhikov-Babakhanov, 8.13% – to Mukhtar Bayureev, 7.52% – to Yuri Burdun.

   42. JSC “Temirtau electrometallurgical plant”

Revenue: 28.71 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Zhumabek Zhanykulov
 Headcount: 1,656 people
 Net profit: 139 million tenge

The main activity of the company is the extraction of raw materials and the production of calcium carbide and ferrosilicomanganese. Its structure includes a chemical and metallurgical plant in Temirtau (Karaganda region), radio control “Manganets” with quarries “Bogach” in Karaganda region and “Yesymzhal” in East Kazakhstan region and South Topar radio control in Karaganda region.

In 2018, the company’s revenue increased by 52.82%, from 18.72 billion to 28.70 billion tenge. However, 26.26 billion of them are expenses at cost, and net profit decreased from 1.39 billion to 139 million tenge.

Since December 2018, the shareholders are Ermek Ashkenov and Eldos Bimurza through Saikan LLP. In 2016, the company was part of the SAT & Company group of Kenes Rakishev .

   43. JSC “Shubarkul premium”

Revenue: 42.69 billion tenge
 Industry: MMC
 First manager: Asylkhan Alibayev
 Headcount: 386 people
 Net loss: 2.4 billion tenge

Shubarkul Premium JSC was included in the rating for the first time this year, having more than doubled its revenue – from 20.11 billion to 42.69 billion tenge.

The company is engaged in the extraction of coal at the Shubarkol deposit in the Karaganda region. It was founded in 2013, but the main production started in 2016. Also in 2016, she signed a contract for the exploration of sand and gravel mixtures at the Vostok deposit in the Karaganda region, and in 2018 – for production from this deposit for a period of 20 years.

At the beginning of 2018, the company acquired 100% of Baltic Terminals LLP from Joint Technologies LLP, affiliated with it through major shareholders.

The main shareholder is Joint Resources JSC (67%), owned by Timur Kulibayev. 16.5% – from Trans Coal Investment Group LLP, registered to Shynar Elimesova, 16.5% – from FCI Management Llp LLP, registered on Raushan Sagdieva.

   44. JSC “Sevkazenergo”

Revenue: 33.30 billion tenge
 Industry: electricity
 First manager: Igor Tatarov
 Headcount: 838 people
 Net profit: 3.36 billion tenge

JSC “Sevkazenergo” is a company for the production, transmission and supply of electric and thermal energy to North Kazakhstan region, one of the largest in the structure of the Central Asian Electric Power Corporation (CAEPCO). Sevkazenergo includes North Kazakhstan Electricity Distribution Company JSC, Petropavlovsk Heating Networks LLP and Sevkazenergosbyt LLP.

The company is part of the CAEPCO group, 92.75% of which belongs to CAEPCO JSC. Sergei Kan and Alexander Klebanov are the parity owners of TsATEK shares.

   45. SEC MEGA network

Revenue: 25.92 billion tenge
 Industry: development
 First manager: Seitzhan Esmagambetov
 Headcount: 883 people
 Net profit: no data

The MEGA SEC network, founded in 2006, includes MEGA Alma-Ata and MEGA Park in Almaty, MEGA Silk Way in Nur-Sultan. In April this year, the 15-screen Chaplin Cinemas opened at MEGA Alma-Ata. For this project, the territory of the mall was expanded by 11 thousand square meters. m, investments amounted to 5 billion tenge.

The chain’s revenue in 2018 increased by 11.4% compared to 2017 (23.2 billion tenge).

The founder and ultimate beneficiary is Nurlan Smagulov

   46. ​​LLP “Eikos”

Revenue: 31.14 billion tenge
 Industry: trade
 First manager: Alexander Soloviev
 Headcount: 894 people
 Net profit: no data

Eikos LLP was founded in 1996 and is engaged in the sale of automobile tires in the Kazakhstan market. She has eight branches in different cities of the country.

The company’s revenue in 2018 increased by 16%, from 26.84 billion to 31.14 billion tenge, tax payments – by 22%, from 2.48 billion to 3.02 billion tenge.

The founders are Alexander Soloviev and Victor Gudin.

   47. JSC “Trest Sredazenergomontazh”

Revenue: 36.25 billion tenge
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Sergey Khvan
 Headcount: 683 people
 Net profit: no data

JSC “Trest Sredazenergomontazh” was founded on the basis of the Soviet “Central Asian branch of the office” Sibenergomontazh “and is engaged in the construction of combined heat and power plants, installation, reconstruction and repair of heat and power equipment. The structure of the company includes Sredazenergomontazh Petropavlovsk LLP, SU Energostroy LLP, Sredazenergomontazh Pavlodar LLP.

In 2018, the company’s revenue decreased by 8% – from 43.74 billion tenge in 2017.

Shareholders: Artem Zyuzgin and Leonid Kim (44.56% of voting shares each), as well as 945 individuals with a total share of 10.88%.

   48. JSC “Almatyinzhstroy”

Revenue: 40.11 billion tenge
 Industry: construction
 First manager: Askhat Chilikbayev
 Headcount: 478 people
 Net profit: 1.26 billion tenge

JSC “Almatyinzhstroy” is a construction company founded in 1995 on the basis of the Soviet trust “Almaataspetsstroy”. The company has 23 branches and affiliated enterprises throughout Kazakhstan.

Compared to 2017, the company’s revenue decreased by 15.4%, tax payments decreased by half – from 729.27 million to 368.44 million tenge.

The founders are Bronislav Shin – 69.01% and Alexander Myasoed – 4.24%.

   49. LLP “Eastcomtrans”

Revenue: 30.22 billion tenge
 Industry: transport and logistics
 First manager: Vadim Malakhov
 Headcount: 184 people
 Net profit: 7 billion tenge

LLP “Eastcomtrans” is a private operator of rolling stock in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which, among other things, is engaged in transshipment of goods in the port of Aktau and at the Dostyk station. The company has branches and representative offices in 11 cities of the country and its own rolling stock fleet of 11 646 units, half of which is oil tank cars.

Revenue of Eastcomtrans LLP in 2018 increased by 17.3% – from 25.76 billion tenge in 2017.

56% of the company is owned by Marat Sarsenov , 37.33% – by Steinhardt Holding NV, 6.67% – by International Finance Corporation.

   50. JSC “Circle Maritime Invest”

Revenue: 29.28 billion tenge
 Industry: sea ​​transportation and logistics
 First manager: Dauren Madin
 Headcount: 45 people
 Net loss: 455.5 million tenge

In 2018, Circle Maritime Invest JSC, engaged in sea and coastal transportation, increased its revenue by 6.1% from 27.59 billion tenge the previous year, but with a loss of 455.5 million tenge against a profit of 3.94 billion tenge in 2017. In 2019, the group acquired a new vessel Caspian Flora for 706 million tenge. The company has branches in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

The founders of the joint-stock company on a parity basis are Yakov Klebanov (son of Alexander Klebanov) and Sergey Kan.

* estimated data

The use of the rating data by other media is allowed only on condition of a rewrite and two active links to the 1top.company website and the rating itself . Copy-paste (verbatim reproduction) is prohibited.

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