5 benefits of virtual offices for your company

This new form of management is allowing many small entrepreneurs to start their activities without so much tax pressure, expenses and initial investment. Digging a bit into the matter, we have found several benefits of virtual offices.

What is a virtual office?

A  virtual office  is a virtual space designed to perform tasks that were originally performed in a traditional office. In other words, it is a different way of carrying out the commercial management of a company without having to have a specific physical space.

We invite you to know 5 benefits of virtual offices:

1. Virtual offices have much lower costs

There is a virtual space where various activities can be carried out, including training, secretarial management, meeting room management and many others. In addition, to promote young entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies to help reduce costs, it is a very comfortable option in terms of closing, opening and maintaining the company or business.

2. They allow the expansion of the company towards international markets

Physical borders do not reach our virtual offices. This is how many companies in Bogotá outsource their services around the world. Small and medium-sized companies can establish their brand in foreign countries or distant regions without even having an established physical space. There is also more and better access to world talent. Many companies today have clients abroad and need people to meet the needs of those clients locally. Today this is very common and is no longer a problem. With a virtual office everything is possible.

3. Provides peace of mind and business support

By having a commercial address and an optimal management in the reception of calls, companies that take a virtual office have the peace of mind that their clients or messages will be addressed appropriately and all their commercial messages will arrive on time and at a physical point, avoiding loss of business documents or important communications for the company.

4. Eventual accessibility to the meeting room

Being a flexible type of office, it has occasional spaces to generate sporadic meetings, for example, business closings, corporate committees and other events that warrant having a physical space at any time to share ideas, talk with the team or review KPIs It´s every so often. In general, the hours of meeting rooms go according to the chosen plan and the one that the virtual office provider has.

5. The use of time is notably maximized.

Workers are at home and do not have to travel to the office, which results not only in maximizing time, especially in large cities like Bogotá, but also in increasing employee productivity. With a virtual office, the necessary meetings are held through a  virtual meeting room  and will be more meaningful, since time will be better used to attend to pending tasks and better training.

In addition, reducing the transfer of employees also has a positive impact on the environment. Many people stop traveling either by car or by public transport and this helps to reduce not only city traffic, but also CO₂ pollution.

In conclusion, having a virtual office not only helps us to reduce the costs we incur as a company, but also to maximize time. Maximizing time is very important for employee productivity and results.

So if we have a virtual office we can undoubtedly close incredible deals, improve productivity by freeing up our collaborators and optimize the processes of the operation of any company that requires this type of service.

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